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Piers Morgan on Twitter: Fans divided as Piers launches scathing attack on BGT’s David Walliams

Don't hold back, Piers - tell us what you really think!

Piers Morgan has slammed David Walliams on Twitter for “liking nasty tweets” about the ex-GMB host.

Taking to Twitter in another of his rants, Piers said it was “fascinating” to see famous people he knows liking negative tweets about him, thinking that he wouldn’t notice.

“Always fascinating to see high-profile people that I know quite well ‘liking’ nasty tweets about me, presumably thinking they can do it on the sly and I won’t notice,” Piers said.

“I always notice, and file away for a rainy day.”

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Piers then called out comedian and author David Walliams as being the “prime culprit” of such likes.

To one user who replied: “David Walliams is a prime culprit,” Piers replied: “The absolute worst.”

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Piers Morgan has been airing his outspoken views on Twitter… again (Credit: SplashNews)

David’s Twitter page claims his account is “run by his team”, but it didn’t stop fans sharing their thoughts on Piers’ opinion.

Piers also added that he takes note of who likes nice tweets about him, however, those go on a different list.

“Conversely, it’s also fascinating to see which high-profile people ‘like’ nice tweets about me,” he said. “They all get noticed too, and those people go on a different list. If this all sounds very Sicilian, it’s meant to be.”

Piers Morgan on Twitter: So what did fans say?

Many were fans of David and were against Piers voicing his dislike of the star.

“Do these same people come up to you at a do, all smiles, greeting you like a long lost friend?” one asked.

“He’s a better man than you although you have more followers,” said another.

Another added: “David Walliams is a top bloke”.

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However, not all commenters agreed – some were fans of Piers’ usual outspoken ways.

“The only hate you get is when people don’t agree with you, it’s then they can’t stomach the truth and the truth hurts,” one wrote.

“There are a lot on here who run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds.”

David Walliams
Piers has accused David Walliams of liking negative tweets about him (Credit: SplashNews.com)

So has David responded to the Twitter ‘likes’ claims?

Neither David nor his team have responded to Piers’ tweets today (August 2).

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