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Piers Morgan accused of ‘fat shaming’ wife Celia as he says he doesn’t want her ‘larding up in lockdown’

Someone's sleeping in the spare room…

Piers Morgan has been accused of “fat shaming” wife Celia Walden after a pretty cheeky quip on Instagram.

Yesterday (February 28), Piers turned cook, preparing “spaghetti Morganese” for the family.

Piers shared a picture of the pasta dish cooking, then uploaded a snap of three plates served up on the table ready to be eaten.

However, wife Celia’s plate looked a little different to the others on the table, and Piers soon explained why.

piers and Celia walden
Piers Morgan has been accused of ‘fat shaming’ wife Celia (Credit: Splash News)

What did Piers Morgan say about his wife?

Good Morning Britain anchor Piers uploaded a shot of three plates – only two of which features spaghetti.

The third plate just featured his Bolognese mix.

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Piers explained: “No carbs for the wife – don’t want her larding up in lockdown.”

However, what was most probably meant as a joke, was quickly slammed by many of Piers’ followers.

GMB Susanna and piers
Piers on GMB alongside Susanna Reid today (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers’ followers say about the post?

Clearly stunned by his caption, one follower commented: “Wow and you have such a lovely figure.”

“Maybe YOU drop the carbs Piers!” stated another.

A third commented: “Fat shaming your wife Piers.”

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“Larding up?!! You’re brave!!!” declared another.

THE WIFE… how condescending!! Oh and by the way, have you looked in the mirror lately?

“Charming!” said another.

“Arrogant. You carry too much weight!! Three chins, your wife is beautiful,” said another. “Maybe she should check out Specsavers.”

“THE WIFE… how condescending!! Oh and by the way, have you looked in the mirror lately?” another asked.

“Pot calling the kettle springs to mind,” said another.

Another added: “So it’s okay for you too lard up and not the wife? How selfish of you.”

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Did anyone see the funny side of the post about his wife?

Some of Piers’ followers did see the funny side, though.

Posting several crying with laughter emojis, one said: “So cheeky!!”

“Larding up on lockdown! Best caption ever,” said another.

“He’s being provocative as usual,” came one reply.

“He’s joking!!!” said another.

“My husband says the same! Got to have a good sense of humour in a couple!” another commented.

Piers Morgan: Has wife Celia responded to the post?

As we went to press, Celia hadn’t responded to her husband’s post.

However, some predicted that Piers would’ve been banished to the spare room after his quip.

“I wonder who’s going to sleep in the spare room with such comment!” they commented.

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