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Nigella Lawson: Cook, Eat, Repeat star responds to accusation of ‘false gorging’

Nigella dismissed the claims with a perfect response

Nigella, star of Cook, Eat, Repeat, has hit back at accusations of ‘false gorging’.

The 60-year-old responded after a Twitter user claimed she didn’t eat everything she cooks.

nigella marmite pasta
Nigella Lawson on Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat (Credit: BBC)

What did Nigella say about Cook, Eat, Repeat?

After last week’s episode of the BBC Two cookery show, the last in the series, one fan left a question on Twitter.

The user asked: “How on earth does @Nigella_Lawson stay slim? So far she’s made crab mac ‘n’ cheese and chocolate cookies. It’s not fair!”

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Someone else replied: “She doesn’t eat any of it.

“The fake gorging is only for the camera.”

That’s when Nigella sprung into action.

How did Nigella respond?

Nigella, who’s famous for licking her spoons seductively, joked that the theory would have her crew in stitches.

“That comment is going to make my crew bark with laughter,” she said.

Nigella crab mac and cheese 3
Nigella’s crab mac and cheese (Credit: BBC)

Sumptuous mac ‘n’ cheese

The crab mac ‘n’ cheese divided viewers when Nigella made it.

“There are some people who take the view that you should never meddle with a classic,” she said while making it.

I’m sorry to sound immodest, but my crab mac and cheese is the most sumptuous of all.

“And up to a point, I’d agree, but the thing is, if you love cooking, it’s just impossible not to want to play with ideas and flavours.”

“I’m sorry to sound immodest, but my crab mac and cheese is the most sumptuous of all.”

Nigella crab mac and cheese
Nigella has once again caused controversy this year (Credit: BBC)

How else has Nigella caused controversy?

Throughout this series, Nigella has caused more controversy with her creative spins on home classics.

However, it was her pronunciation of the word ‘microwave‘ that really got tongues wagging.

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Fans rushed to Twitter after she pronounced the appliance as “meekro-wav-ay”.

One said: “What did Nigella just call the microwave?!”

Another commented: “Please tell me that was a joke, #Nigella pronouncing the microwave [as] ‘mee-crow-wahvay’. If not, she has reached the top of the posh class.”

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