Gemma Collins news: Star explains on Instagram

Gemma Collins reveals she collapsed on the floor after being ‘violently sick’ with illness

Reckons it was like 'having an alien' inside her body

In Gemma Collins news, the star has revealed why she was so ill she needed a nurse to look after her last week.

She was rocked by a mystery illness that required a tube in her arm as part of her recovery.

But now reality star Gemma, 40, has indicated she is feeling better after rest and support from her parents.

Gemma Collins has been ill and looked after by private nurse
Gemma had a tube in her arm (Credit: Instagram Stories)

What had Gemma Collins said on Instagram about being ill?

She described the condition as making her “very poorly”.

And while Gemma ruled out coronavirus, she did say it felt like she was suffering from “some sort of virus”.

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Gemma added the illness had “knocked her for six” and tried to ‘sweat it out’ in her sauna at home.

By last Tuesday (May 25), the TOWIE star was able to update fans and let them know she was doing better. But she still had her private nurse on hand.

What’s Gemma’s health update?

Gemma has now addressed what laid her low on The Gemma Collins Podcast.

She revealed it was a horrible case of food poisoning that meant she had to stay in bed for days.

It was like an alien was inside it that was just dying to come out. 

Gemma also explained the bout of sickness also caused her to collapse on her kitchen floor.

Gemma Collins ill but on the mend
The GC felt very rough (Credit: Instagram Stories)

Gemma on her health scare in her own words

She explained: “I had a really awful sinus infection and it was just a really awful week. I had the funeral of my dear friend that passed away.”

Gemma continued: “Three hours later I collapsed on my kitchen floor and was being so violently sick and all the rest that goes with it… I won’t go into detail.

“I had food poisoning. It was absolutely awful and my whole body just got so run down recently that I had to listen to my body.”

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The Essex fave also described how she was sick for “days on end”, comparing it to having another living being in her body.

Gemma added: “My whole body, it was like an alien was inside it that was just dying to come out. It was absolutely awful.”

She also noted how grateful she was to her parents, who “came over because they got really worried”.

The food poisoning isn’t the only blow to her health Gemma is said to have suffered recently.

According to reports, she had to slow down on her wellbeing routine after suffering with polycystic ovary syndrome.

However, she told fans earlier in May she would not moan about being unwell.

“Literally knocked me for six and I feel so stressed as I got so much to do but I just have to allow it,” Gemma said on Insta.

“The most important person is me and my health so I’ve just got to allow it.”

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