Charley Webb reveals sleep consultant has ‘changed her life’

They'd been really struggling

Soap star Charley Webb has been candid about her struggles with son Bowie’s sleeping patterns.

Now the mum-of-three, 32, has revealed she and husband – fellow Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden – have hired a sleep consultant to help, and says that they have ‘changed their lives’.

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I don’t often manage to get a picture of all 3. It’s my favourite one yet. I’ve found the jump from 2 to 3 huge and I don’t mind saying it. I think sometimes people aren’t honest enough about how full on it is. With one, two, three, four, however many you’ve got. It’s ok to admit that being a Mum (or a Dad) is a really hard job. Harder than any other in my opinion. I often look at peoples Instagrams and think how perfect their life looks. It won’t be. Just like mine isn’t. Looking at this picture you’d think we were out having a lovely peaceful, family walk. We were, but….Bowie had a full on meltdown after this because he didn’t want me to ‘picture him’ (that’s what he says). Luckily, it was early and it didn’t stress me out. We were outside in the fresh air and we got on with the day. He got over it. Just reminded me to look at a photograph and think about the bigger picture. No ones life is ever perfect and no kid is ever perfect all the time. Xx

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Taking to her Instastories on social media site Instagram, Charley – who’s mum to nine-year-old Buster, Bowie, four and baby Ace – explained in a video: “So I spoke a while (ago) about Bowie’s sleep and Ace’s sleep and how Bowie was coming into our room every single night and waking the baby up and waking us up and it was just awful.

We have now finally got the help that we needed, we have worked with the Night Ninja, who has been amazing.

“We have now finally got the help that we needed, we have worked with the Night Ninja, who has been amazing.

“Bowie goes to sleep now on his own after his story, don’t have to lay with him anymore and he doesn’t come into our bedroom until the sun comes up on his Gro-clock the next morning.”

The Gro-clock has helped (Credit: Gro-clock)

A Gro-clock is a sleep trainer for toddlers. In the shape of a clock, it uses images of the sun and the stars to help kids understand what time to go to sleep and what time to get up in the mornings.

And Charley says it has helped to transform her family’s life.

“It’s been incredible. If you haven’t tried a Gro-clock, do because honestly it’s changed our lives completely and it just means that we’ve got an evening and it’s just so much better now. And it’s important for him as well to be able to do that.”

Charley also revealed that baby Ace has been poorly this past week, which means that their sleep has been interrupted again.

“But at least it’s going to work again when Ace is better to get back into the pattern, but he now goes to sleep every night and every sleep with no dummy and again, it’s just stopped him waking up through the night,” she said.

Charley revealed that she had been struggling (Credit: Instagram(

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Last month, Charley revealed that she and her family were really struggling with sleep and that they were getting help for the problem.

Speaking on her Instagram stories, Charley said: “Last night was absolutely horrific on the children front in terms of sleep.

“It’s the broken sleep continuously all night and I am exhausted.”

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