The doughnut SANDWICH exists and you can get it delivered straight to your door

It's filled with cookie dough, Kinder Bueno and melted choc!

What do you get if you cross a doughnut with a sandwich? No, this isn’t some corny dad joke, it’s actually a new invention that looks really rather tasty.

Let us introduce you to the brand spanking new Sando.

It’s the latest creation from the geniuses at Doughnut Time.

We can’t wait to tuck in to the Sando (Credit: Doughnut Time)

As well as being National Sausage Roll Day, today is also International Doughnut Day (June 5).

And, to celebrate, the boutique bakery has created a new hybrid between a sandwich and a doughnut.

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The Sando is perfect to “accompany Brits on their summer picnics to the park” the blurb states.

A “perfectly square mini doughnut pillow”

The new launch features a “perfectly square mini doughnut pillow”.

Doughnut Time said it’s “intended to be split in two and filled with summertime delights”.

Stuff it full of treats and enjoy (Credit: Doughnut Time)

And, what’s more, you get to fill the Sando yourself – once the kit has been delivered to your door. So, under lockdown, there’s no need to even leave the house.

Even if you’re outside the Deliveroo catchment area, these bad boys can wing their way to you courtesy of the good people at Royal Mail.

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The Sando will first feature in Doughnut Time’s newest home delivery kit, The Cookie Dough Sando Kit.

I may have ordered two! Don’t judge me!

The DIY box comes with Nutella, Caramac, Kinder Bueno, mini cookies and a tub of cookie dough – all to be added to the Sando and enjoyed.

“I may have ordered two,” said one fan on Instagram. “Don’t judge me!! They just looked so good and I can’t wait to make them at home.”

The kit contains all you need to create the Sando (Credit: Doughnut Time)

Another added: “Ordered!! Can’t wait to try with the family next week. That’s a homeschool afternoon activity done!”

A third simply said: “OMG! OMG! OMG!”

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“Urgently need this!” declared another.

“I think I HAVE to get one of these!” said another doughnut fan.

“Look at these,” said another, adding the love heart eye emoji.

There are plenty of options when it comes to fillings (Credit: Doughnut Time)

“Oh my good god,” another commented.

How to buy it

If you feel the same, you can get your hands on a box here.

The new Cookie Dough kit costs £22 plus £3.95 shipping.

And, if you’re not a fan of cookie dough, then there’s also a Biscoff box on the site!

You can thank us later.

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