unicorn lollies

Sainsbury’s launches unicorn themed lollies and cones ahead of bank holiday weekend

Unicorn fans rejoice

Sainsbury’s has just launched a series of delicious looking new unicorn lolly flavours and cones.

Just in time for the warmer weather, these gorgeous new additions make for a perfect way to cool down.

And they’re very budget friendly.

But the best part? Several are unicorn themed, perfect for kids or adult unicorn fans.

The supermarket chain has just announced their new iced additions.

First off are their unicorn themed ice cream cones.

unicorn cones sainsbury's
The unicorn cones look delicious (Credit: Sainsbury’s)

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Sainsbury’s describes these as: “Add a splash of colour to your summer spread with our pink and blue bubble-gum flavoured by Sainsbury’s Unicorn Cones.

Budget friendly treats

“Served in a heavenly chocolate-covered cone, rippled with strawberry sauce and topped with colourful cereal balls, these creamy unicorn sticks are the perfect treat.”

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Next up is another unicorn eat, unicorn iced lollies. Depicted as: “Unicorn Lollies will help satisfy any sweet tooth.

“Dipped in chocolate and covered in rainbow sprinkles, these raspberry and candy floss flavoured lollies are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for the whole family, not to mention incredibly Instagram-worthy.”

Whereas apple juice fans should be delighted with their new British Cloudy Apple Lollies.

unicorn lollies
Unicorn lollies look rather tempting too! (Image credit: Sainsbury’s)

Sainsbury’s says they are: “Sensational sweet yet tangy flavour of these lollies comes from 100% British Apple Juice.

“Ultimate picnic essential”

“Plus, at less than 70 calories per stick, these thirst-quenching treats are a light yet tasty way to cool down when the sun is shining.”

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And the fourth and final option is Scottish Raspberry Lollies.

They are made using “fresh Scottish raspberries, these flavourful lollies are the ultimate picnic essential”.

It adds: “There’s nothing that beats the heat more than this icy summer-in-a-stick.”

Each of these are priced between £1.10 and £2.00 for a pack of 4.

apple lollies sainsbury's
Fancy some cloudy apple lollies? (Credit: Sainsbury’s)

The popular chain adds: “Why not add one of our brand new by Sainsbury’s Ice-Cream Toppers.

“Available in four fun flavours, Chocolate Malted Balls, Chocolate Beans, Honeycomb Chucks and Mini Raspberry Meringues.

“These toppers are guaranteed to add an extra layer of indulgence to your summer treat and for just £1.00 each.”

“Guaranteed to sweeten up your summer”

And they remind customers that designer ice cream is also on offer.

They explain: “Jude’s indulgent range of ice cream sauces is the perfect solution!

“These carefully crafted sauces use real cream for extra indulgence and irresistible flavour.”

Meanwhile, each of these products are available at Sainsbury’s nationwide now.

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