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OPINION: Everyone deserves a supermarket home delivery slot – not just the elderly and vulnerable

Supermarkets need to be doing more, says ED!'s Nancy Brown

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Although you wouldn’t believe it to see people crowding onto beaches and falling out of pubs, coronavirus is still out there.

I’m absolutely petrified of getting it, which is why I’m limiting trips to places that could potentially raise the risk of infection.

One of those places is the supermarket.

Supermarkets need to do more when it comes to home delivery (Credit: Cover Images)

And, while it’s admirable they’re prioritising the elderly and vulnerable when it comes to a coveted supermarket home delivery slot, I want one too.

Much like many other Brits, I just don’t want to be in a supermarket at the moment.

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Except there have been occasions when I’ve had to venture inside – while kitted out in my mask and gloves and clutching a bottle of hand sanitiser.

And, I believe, that supermarkets could be doing more.

Grocery stores were one of few shops allowed to remain open throughout lockdown.

However, with customer limits imposed leading to queues outside, many people opted to order online instead.

supermarket home delivery slot
Wearing a mask will soon be mandatory in shops (Credit: Pexels)

However, while Britain is opening up post-lockdown, home delivery slots are still in high demand.

Surely the supermarkets should now return their old home delivery system and give everyone a fair chance to book a coveted slot?

We all deserve a supermarket home delivery slot

While I would in no way want to put any elderly or vulnerable person at any more of a risk, I think supermarkets should open slots back up to everyone.

Take Tesco, for instance. It has doubled its online capacity since the start of the pandemic.

While the chain’s loyalty is admirable, younger, fitter people aren’t immune to this god-awful virus.

However, there clearly aren’t enough slots to go round as it’s still operating a phone line that gives vulnerable people access to private online slots if they feel they can’t safely shop in store.

I don’t feel I can, but no such service is available to me.

It’s admirable stores are looking after the elderly (Credit: Pexels)

I have to log on and hope for the best or head into a Tesco store, where safety measures have been “reviewed”.

Gone is the safety net of the one-way system. Shoppers are now allowed to browse as they please.

The fact that masks will soon be compulsory in shops feeds my fear even more.

If it’s safe to go shopping, why do we have to wear them?

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Sainsbury’s is finally letting new people sign up for home delivery after months of prioritising customers it had before lockdown.

A rep also revealed it is “continuing to prioritise the nation’s most vulnerable people for our delivery slots”.

While the chain’s loyalty is admirable, younger, fitter people aren’t immune to this god-awful virus.

The virus is still out there – and I’m scared

While I love the fact that, as a country, us Brits really do our best to care for our elderly and those most in need, the virus is still out there.

Supermarket are a scary place at the moment (Credit: Cover Images)

In my opinion, lockdown is only easing because the transmission rate is low enough not to put a huge strain on the NHS.

And I do not want to be one of those who pushes the rate back up when the second wave comes around.

That’s why I want our supermarkets to serve the nation, and not just the elderly and vulnerable.

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