M&S Santa's Yumnuts

M&S launches Santa’s Yumnuts and hysterical Brits are all making the same joke

They do contain nuts!

Santa’s Yumnuts have launched at M&S and hysterical Brits are all cracking the same, rather rude, joke!

The festive yum-yum/doughnut hybrid is part of the M&S Christmas offering.

And, according to Piers Morgan, “they taste great”.

However, it’s not the taste that’s got cheeky Brits talking.

Marks & Spencer Christmas food on a table
Santa’s Yumnuts are on sale now (Credit: M&S)

What did M&S say about Santa’s Yumnuts?

M&S caused a bit of a stir when it posted news of the launch to Twitter.

The cheeky post read: “Who wants a bite of Santa’s Yumnut?”

It then went on to describe the pasty treat.

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“Our yum yum-doughnut hybrids have been given a Christmassy makeover, with delicious flaky pastry layers and a sweet Santa’s belt topping,” the tweet added.

“These Santa’s Yumnuts from Marks & Spencer are causing a lot of amusement,” said Piers on GMB today (November 6).

And he isn’t wrong.

“Just licking my lips in anticipation of another nibble of Santa’s Yumnuts,” he added with a wry smile.

Piers Morgan eating a doughnut
Piers Morgan confirmed they’re delicious (Credit: YouTube)

Brits react to the cheeky Christmas treat

“Please, I beg you, whenever you want to name something just show it to a 14 year old first. If they start laughing, change the name,” one person laughed on Twitter.

“A bite of Santa’s Yumnut? So we don’t have to wait until he comes down the chimney any more?” another quipped.

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“I definitely do not want a bite of anything called anyone’s yumnut. Especially not Santa’s! Really??!” another laughed.

A bite of Santa’s Yumnut? So we don’t have to wait until he comes down the chimney any more?

Even the official Snickers Twitter account got in on the fun.

“We love nuts but we’re quite happy to pass on Santa’s Yumnuts,” it said.

I can’t wait for my hungry mouth to be filled with Santa’s Yumnut!” declared one soon-to-be fan.

M&S appeared to be in on the joke too, replying to a meme one Brit posted of Ryan Gosling laughing at the innuendo-filled tweet.

They even called Santa’s Yumnuts “squishy”.

“This is no laughing matter Nicole! Our Santa’s Yumnuts are a delicious combo of a yum yum and doughnut, with exactly 48 layers, making them perfectly light and squishy,” the M&S account replied.

Perhaps unintentionally, the store also confirmed that the yumnuts do indeed contain nuts.

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this product may contain nuts,” it quipped.

How much are they?

The doughnut hybrid costs £1.50 each or you can get three for £4.

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