Jaffa cake

Jaffa Cake gin is now a thing and fans say it’s ‘ridiculous’ how ‘Jaffa Cakey’ it tastes

"Liquid alcoholic Jaffa Cake – simple as!"

We’ve got some good news if you’re looking for a new lockdown tipple. Jaffa Cake exists and it tastes just like the McVitie’s snacks bottled!

The launch comes hot on the heels of Disaronno’s Velvet cream liqueur – a summery alternative to festive favourite Baileys.

And, as well as tasting just like Jaffa Cakes, the gin can also be delivered direct to your door.

Perfect if you’re isolating at home and running out of booze!

Jaffa cake
The makers suggest serving the gin with a Jaffa Cake garnish (Credit: Master Of Malt)

The gin is the mastermind of Master Of Malt, a website full of whiskeys.

However, delve a little deeper and we’ve found a tipple those with a sweet tooth will love.

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The Jaffa Cake Gin is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and Jaffa Cakes.

“Actual Jaffa Cakes,” the website states.

“As in: ‘Right, we could eat these yummy Jaffa Cakes, or we could put the Jaffa Cakes in this vacuum still and make Jaffa Cake Gin.’ It’s that kind of situation,” it added.

This is insane. Not too sweet like liqueur, not too rough like tonic gin. Heaven. Oof!

The result is, the website states, just like you’d expect – “full-on Jaffa Cake tastiness built around a distinctive base of crisp juniper”.

It even suggests sticking a Jaffa Cake on your glass “like a citrus wheel garnish”.

Rave reviews

To say early testers love the gin would be an understatement. The reviews on the website are glowing, to say the least.

Jaffa cake
The gin is available for next day delivery (Credit: Master Of Malt)

“This is lovely. You get orange at first then lovely chocolate. Yummy,” said one.

“Honestly the best gin I’ve ever had! Tastes exactly like a Jaffa Cake! Will be purchasing more ASAP!” said another.

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“This gin is absolutely amazing! It IS Jaffa Cake! The most favourite gin I’ve ever tasted (and I taste a lot). If you love Jaffa Cakes and you love gin then I highly recommend this,” another cooed.

“Always hated gin before this. But oh my god. This is insane. Not too sweet like liqueur, not too rough like tonic gin. Heaven. Oof!” said another rave review.

“Heaven in a glass”

“I love different gins and this one topped my list. It’s absolutely amazing! Heaven in a glass,” said another.

“It’s Jaffa Cake. Liquid, alcoholic Jaffa Cake. Simple as,” said another. “It smells just of gin until you add mixer, in my case lemonade, then all of a sudden it smells just like it.”

Jaffa cakes
Real-life Jaffa Cakes are distilled into the gin (Credit: McVitie’s)

They added: “Taste wise, it’s ridiculous how Jaffa Cakey this really is. I can even taste the sponge. I don’t know what dark magic went into production for this, but I will absolutely be buying more.”

You can buy a 70cl bottle online here for £27.95.

It packs a powerful punch though, with an alcohol content of 42%.

Lockdown just got that little bit more exciting!

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