Cadbury launches tubs of Dairy Milk Caramel ice cream and they have a core of oozing caramel

In a freezer aisle near you now!

Chocolatiers Cadbury has done it again with yet another amazing new launch.

With Easter now a long-distant memory, Cadbury is looking to summer if the launch of its latest product is anything to go by.

With the sun shining and temperatures rising, there’s surely no better time to tuck into an ice cream (or two).

And we can guarantee that this newcomer to the market will soon be your favourite.

Let us introduce you to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel ice cream tub.

The new Cadbury ice cream features a caramel core (Credit: Cadbury)

It’s just like the deliciously moreish bar but in frozen form!

Featuring caramel ice cream and Cadbury chocolate pieces, it’s going straight in our online shopping basket at Iceland.

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There, we’ve spotted it on sale for £2 – £1 less than the recommended retail price.

Alongside that scrummy ice cream and chocolate pieces, though, is something extra special.

There’s nothing better than the taste of Dairy Milk Caramel as the chocolate melts and you’re left with silky caramel sauce. Or is there…?

Dive into the tub’s centre and you will an indulgent, oozing river of caramel at its core.

A rep said: “There’s nothing better than the taste of Dairy Milk Caramel as the chocolate melts and you’re left with silky caramel sauce. Or is there…?”

They added: “Now ice cream lovers can enjoy their favourite treat with a twist thanks to the new Cadbury Caramel Tub which features caramel ice cream, Cadbury chocolate pieces and an indulgent caramel core sauce.”

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It joins the already popular Cadbury range – including Double Decker, Flake and Crunchie – in the freezer aisle.

Oreo and Cadbury ice creams

Earlier this year, the brand also launched two other rather delicious frozen treats.

Next on our must-scoff list is the Oreo Stick Sandwich.

The Oreo Stick Sandwich launched earlier this year (Credit: Cadbury)

“Imagine a vanilla cookie ice cream sat between two tasty Oreo cookies which are then coated in delicious Cadbury chocolate and placed on a handy stick and you’ve got yourself the new Oreo Stick Sandwich,” the rep revealed.

“Mouth watering yet? We thought so,” they added.

They’re on sale in all good supermarkets now, with an RRP of £3 for four.

New Freddo ice creams

Freddo fans also had a reason to rejoice before Easter when a new frozen frog treat was announced.

The new Freddo Sandwich is made from chocolate ice cream sandwiched together with two Freddo-faced cocoa biscuits.

Freddo Sandwiches are also on sale (Credit: Cadbury)

It’s available in a multipack of six and costs £2.50.

Best of all though, if you’re watching your weight during lockdown, the Freddo Sandwich contains just 98 calories.

We might have two!

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