Shoppers are loving KitKat’s delicious new Mini Bunnies even more than Maltesers Bunnies!

Which do you prefer?

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KitKat maker Nestle has been spoiling us lately, with so many new launches, we’re running out of time to scoff them all.

First came the delicious KitKat Chunky Rose Gold – complete with strawberry-swirled white chocolate and a pink wafer centre.

Then came the to-die-for white chocolate and caramel-drenched KitKat Gold.

The packets feature six individually-wrapped Mini Bunnies (Credit: ED!)

Now a new KitKat snack has caught our eye and to say it’s delicious would be a bit of an understatement.

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Spotted in stores such as WH Smith, Tesco and Iceland, the new KitKat Mini Bunnies are as cute as they are delicious.

And the bags of six individually-wrapped bunnies only cost £1.

The bunnies are almost too cute to eat (Credit: ED!)

With all the taste of the traditional KitKat, the bunnies feature a wafer centre and a thick chocolate covering – all in the shape of a cute rabbit.

Perfect for sharing or even hiding as part of an Easter egg hunt because they are wrapped, the Mini Bunnies are the perfect addition to the KitKat range.

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If you’re after a bigger bite, the Bunnies are also available in a larger size – and currently three for £1 at Tesco.

In another piece of good news, the Bunnies are also gluten-free and suitable for those who follow a celiac diet.

True love is coming home to a display of #glutenfree KitKat Bunnies,” said one fan on Twitter. “My first KitKat in over a decade.”

The KitKat Mini Bunnies are in store now for £1 (Credit: ED!)

KitKat explained: “To bring you the best Easter break possible we’ve used a different wafer to our normal KITKAT bars! Our classic wafer contains wheat flour whereas the wafer used in our Bunny contains rice flour!”

Another said she thought they were better than the Maltesers equivalent.

“KitKat Bunnies are hands down nicer than Malteser Bunnies, why has it taken so long?” they asked.

KitKat Bunnies are hands down nicer than Malteser Bunnies, why has it taken so long?

Another said they thought the snack was so cute, they almost didn’t eat it. Almost…

This @KITKAT bunny is cute man! Felt like I didn’t want to eat it once I saw it. But did the right thing, I snapped the ears off and gobbled it all up in seconds,” they said.

They added: “Cute has a shelf life!”

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