Liz Carr in Who Do You Think You Are, and Clarissa

Who Do You Think You Are: Liz Carr delights viewers as she channels Clarissa Mullery

Just like in Silent Witness

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Who Do You Think You Are? featured Liz Carr last night and viewers were delighted to see the star channelling her Silent Witness alter-ego.

During Monday (November 2) night’s episode, the Wirral actress learned about her great-great-great-grandfather’s struggles as a tenant farmer right after the Irish potato famine – and his involvement in the attempted murder of a prominent landlord in Armagh.

She also discovered more about her maternal grandfather, who died when Liz’s mum was just two years old.

Last night’s Who Do You Think You Are? featured actress Liz Carr (Credit: BBC)

What happened with Liz Carr in Who Do You Think You Are?

At one point, she visited Armagh Jail, where she read a letter about the attack written by a magistrate at the time – and viewers thought it was just like something they would see in Silent Witness.

Throughout the episode, fans were delighted to see Liz in another investigative role, not unlike her character Clarissa Mullery.

Clarissa in Silent Witness
Fans loved how she got into the investigative spirit, just like Silent Witness’ Clarissa (Credit: BBC)

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On Twitter, one viewer thought Liz was in “proper Clarissa mode” during the episode.

They tweeted: “Loving @thelizcarr on #WhoDoYouThinkYouAre – proper Clarissa mode with the investigating!”

Another said: “Clarissa solves it again… @thelizcarr #WhoDoYouThinkYouAre.”

Loving Liz Carr… proper Clarissa mode with the investigating!

A third said: “#WhoDoYouThinkYouAre @thelizcarr fascinating episode this evening. Am I they only one who would like to see a series of Liz Carr investigates… looking a old historical criminal cases.”

Just like Silent Witness

On Twitter, Liz joked ahead of the episode airing that she and her wife, Jo Church, couldn’t stop singing Spice Girls’ Who Do You Think You Are.

Liz Carr’s Who Do You Think You Are? was the last of the series (Credit: BBC)

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One of her followers replied: “Great stuff. Clarissa has a great part to play in this investigation… seeing you go into the prison was so Silent Witness Xx.”

Liz’s character in Silent Witness, Clarissa Mullery, is a forensic examiner and first appeared in series 16, back in 2013.

Earlier this year, Clarissa devastated fans of the series when she revealed she was leaving.

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