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Silent Witness: Fans demand BBC bosses give Liz Carr’s Clarissa her own spin-off series

Do it!

Fans of crime drama Silent Witness are calling on the BBC to give actress Liz Carr her own spin-off show.

Following a string of impressive performances as Clarissa Mullery, including in the latest series, viewers are demanding more of the forensic examiner on their screens.

Many are hoping to see the character developed further in a series of her own, particularly after she announced plans to step away from the Lyell team this week.

Jack and Clarissa in Silent Witness
Clarissa announced plans to leave in the first of this week’s episodes (Credit: BBC)

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On Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Clarissa can only leave if @thelizcarr is getting an awesome spin off, Right, @bill_abong? #SilentWitness.”

Another tweeted: “Would love to see a Clarissa spin-off series with @thelizcarr bombing around solving crimes… #SilentWitness.”

A third said: “Come on @BBCOne more #SilentWitness please, or a spin off with @EmiliaFox @thelizcarr and @mclandes.”

Someone else put: “Oh my – just caught up on this week’s #SilentWitness, where the beautiful and sensitive acting of @thelizcarr has got tears rolling down my face. When will @BBCOne give Clarissa her own spin-off series? Either way let’s have a bit more Liz on the telly please!”

A fifth suggested: “Spin off: Clarissa the detective. #SilentWitness.”

“I think it about time @BBCOne got the writers working on a new show, a Silent Witness spin off,” said another, adding: “‘Clarissa Investigates’. Kind of like a Miss Marple but with humour and a take no [bleep] attitude. @thelizcarr is brilliant, as is her character Clarissa! #silentwitness.”

Liz Carr left viewers particularly impressed last week during emotional scenes that saw her come to grips with her mother’s failing health.

She learnt that her mum, already suffering from dementia, had been diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

Clarissa had to decide what to do because her mother was unable to make decisions for herself

Silent Witness
Clarissa had to deal with the ill health and eventual loss of her mum (Credit: BBC)

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And viewers were heartbroken as, throughout the episode, her mum became confused and lashed out at her already-distraught daughter.

In the first of this week’s (February 3 2020) episodes, Clarissa told her colleagues that she plans to leave the Lyell team as her mum – who lost her battle with cancer, in the end – had made her rethink her life.

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