James Martin saturday morning

When is today’s Saturday Morning hosted by James Martin on ITV?

Marti Pellow was meant to be a guest

James Martin fans were up in arms this morning (April 10) after discovering his Saturday Morning cooking show was pulled for coverage of Prince Philip’s death.

The Duke of Edinburgh‘s passing was announced yesterday (April 9) – and TV channels quickly pulled all regular programming.

This has continued this morning, with back-to-back coverage of the duke’s death on BBC One and ITV.

James martin's cooking show
James Martin fans were unimpressed his Saturday Morning show was pulled (Credit: ITV)

What did James Martin fans say about Saturday Morning being pulled?

It’s safe to say that, while James Martin fans are sad about Prince Philip’s death, they’re pretty annoyed the cooking show has been cancelled.

James had promised on Twitter that it was a cracking show today, with Wet Wet Wet singer Marti Pellow among the guests on the pre-recorded show.

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And, after discovering that James’s show had been pulled, die-hard fans reacted.

I just want to watch James Martin make nice food on a Saturday morning is that too much to ask?” tweeted one fan.

“I know a man’s died but cancelling James Martin’s Saturday Morning is beyond ridiculous,” said another.

“Bloody annoyed it’s not on. Just so ITV can keep showing the same footage and pointless interviews about the duke,” said a third.

“Cancelling James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen is a step too far,” said another.

‘News has taken over the world’

Others were a little more harsh.

“ITV can [bleep] off James Martin Saturday Kitchen cancelled for a whole morning of Prince Philip,” one declared.

“Just wanted to watch James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen but no, the news has taken over the world,” said another.

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“Oh come on…..enough is enough. RIP and all that but this is ridiculous. I’m missing James Martin,” declared another.

My Saturday morning is not the relaxing ease into the day that I usually have.

“There’s no James Martin!!!” exclaimed another.

They added: “My Saturday morning is not the relaxing ease into the day that I usually have.

“And all because the corporate broadcasting system is compelled to go OTT when someone in a particular family dies.”

“I mean, no James Martin this morning! WTF?” asked another.

“Saturday isn’t Saturday without James Martin,” another declared.

Marti Pellow on james martin
Marti Pellow was due to appear on today’s show (Credit: ITV)

When will today’s show be on?

There is good news for those wanting to watch today’s show.

It’s actually on tomorrow, Sunday April 11, at 9.30am on ITV.

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