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When did Dom join Holby City and what happened with Lofty and his other ex lovers?

A varied love life indeed!

Dom is a long stay character on Holby City who is at the forefront of a current riveting storyline.

He suffers extensive injuries after being impaled with a metal pole during a horrific car crash.

As his life hangs in the balance, we take a look at his character’s development through the years…

When did Dom Copeland join Holby City?

Dom was first introduced on Holby City in 2013.

He joined the hospital as a registrar in general surgery.

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And was initially mentored by Antoine Malick.

dom copeland
Dom is a popular Holby City character (Credit: BBC)

What is Dom’s real name on Holby City?

Dom’s original name was Darren. However, he revealed in an early episode that he was bullied over his homosexuality as a child and teen.

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Kids would taunt him by adding homophobic terms to his name. At some point he changed his name to Dominic, and is almost always called Dom on the show.

What happened with Dom and Lofty on Holby?

Dom married Ben ‘Lofty‘ Chiltern in 2018. Lofty is a staff nurse and they met at work.

They initially didn’t get on, with Dom finding Lofty’s exuberant personality irritating.

But they eventually become lovers, albeit it was very on-and-off.

And they even married in a double wedding with characters Jason and Greta.

dom and lofty
Dom and Lofty on Holby City (Credit: BBC)

But shortly after their wedding Lofty was forced to leave to look after his sickly grandmother.

During this time Dom became distraught to discover he was adopted and that his real mum is consultant Ange Goddard.

When Lofty returned, he revealed that he’d had an affair with a woman called Helen.

She later reveals she is pregnant with their child. Going into labour at just six months, Helen suffers a stillbirth.

Lofty and Dom attempted to repair their broken relationship with vow renewals.

But Lofty walked out during the ceremony, exiting the show for good.

dom lee
Dom was conned by Lee (Credit: BBC)

Who are his other ex-lovers?

Dom has had several love interests on the BBC drama through the years.

This included an abusive one with fellow registrar Isaac Mayfield.

Isaac was physically and mentally abusive to Dom.

dom and isaac
Dom was abused by Isaac (Credit: BBC)

However the abuse happened offscreen as Holby City airs pre-watershed.

Prior to this storyline, he briefly dated agency nurse Kyle.

And then Lee Canon who is a cancer patient at their hospital.

They have a brief but seemingly warm affair. However, he steals from Dom’s flat and then disappears.

Only to later reappear at the hospital with his pregnant wife, Alison, in tow.

Furious Dom fights him, and ends up stabbing Lee. The police rule the act as self-defence.

Alison later returns and asks Dom for advice. He tells her to move on from Lee and this also allows him to finally put an end to his ordeal.

Who plays Dominic Copeland?

Dominic is played by actor David Ames. As of February 2021 he is 37.

Prior to joining Holby City he appeared in an episode of Doctor Who and also a voice artist for a Doctor Who game.

David is an openly gay man and he appears to be currently single.

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