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Warwick Davis on Tenable: Viewers divided over host’s behaviour on today’s show

He's usually 'so upbeat'

Tenable viewers have taken to Twitter to comment on the show’s host Warwick Davis.

Warwick presents the ITV quiz show that’s a huge hit with viewers.

However, fans have today (February 26) claimed to have noted a change in his behaviour.

They claim that the old Warwick who was always “laughing and joking” is no more.

And, in his place, is someone who isn’t quite so “upbeat”.

Warwick Davis on tenable
Viewers commented that Warwick Davis didn’t seem as chirpy as normal on Tenable (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tenable today?

Warwick hosted today’s Tenable, which saw a group of old friends from university go home with nothing.

Throughout the show Warwick cracked jokes and even asked the contestants to rank them, which tickled some viewers on Twitter.

However, others commented that Warwick just didn’t seem as chirpy as normal.

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Just switched channels and landed on #Tenable. First time I’ve seen it in ages but it seems like Warwick has had a personality transplant.

“He sounds bored off his [bleep] and clearly doesn’t want to be there,” one viewer claimed.

He always used to be laughing and joking. Looks miserable these days.

Another commented: “He always used to be laughing and joking. Looks miserable these days.”

“Normally he’s so cheerful and upbeat,” another commented.

tenable host Warwick Davis
Others said they loved his jokes, which he cracked throughout the show (Credit: ITV)

‘I love Warwick – he’s so funny’

Others had no such complaints.

“When you do a mix of a laugh and groan at @WarwickADavis jokes on #tenable. Never change, Warwick,” laughed one satisfied viewer.

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“I love Warwick – he’s so funny,” said another.

Another even quoted one of the host’s better jokes on the show.

“I was once engaged to a women with a wooden leg until I broke it off…. classic Warwick,” they said.

What else have viewers been saying about Warwick Davis on Tenable?

Some think they’ve cracked the reason behind Warwick’s apparent change in personality.

And they say it’s all down to his spectacles – or lack of them!

“Warwick seems to be more of his old self when he’s not wearing his glasses,” said one.

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