viewpoint ending explained

Viewpoint ending explained: Gemma’s killer unmasked in series finale

Finale was pulled from TV following Noel Clarke allegations

The ending of Viewpoint aired on ITV Hub last night, but if you didn’t catch it, and want the ending explained, you’ve come to the right place.

The last episode of the five-part drama starring Noel Clarke was pulled from terrestrial TV last night (April 30).

This followed allegations of sexual harassment levelled against the leading man – something he has denied.

ITV instead put the Viewpoint finale on the Hub for a limited time. And ED! tuned in.


what's on instead of viewpoint
The Noel Clarke drama finale aired on ITV Hub (Credit: ITV)

Viewpoint ending explained

Kate Tuckman – played by Catherine Tyldesley – was the main suspect as the finale opened.

Police believed she killed Gemma out of jealousy after discovering she was having an affair with her husband Carl.

Kate was actually revealed to be a killer – but not of Gemma.

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Carl colluded with police wearing a wire to get a confession out of Kate.

However, he tore off the device after she told him she was pregnant – casing Clarke’s DC Martin Young to sneak into the house via the back door to try and hear any confession.

Also in the house was Gemma’s husband Greg, who heard police chatting about Kate via walkie talkie when he was at the station.

Kate confessed to the killing of Carl’s first wife Anna a decade ago, with Martin listening outside the door.

Bursting in to arrest her, Greg stabbed him in a case of mistaken identity.

Our five questions after episode one of Viewpoint
Kate Tuckman was revealed as a murdered (Credit: ITV)

So what happened to Gemma?

Two weeks later viewers saw Martin recovering in hospital, and he’s still dating Zoe Sterling.

After coming out of hospital, he heads to Zoe’s, and remembers she never waters the neighbour’s plants so goes to do it for her.

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His suspicions are raised when he notices a wall hanging in a picture has been moved to the floor and, moving it, finds blood.

He checks the pictures he took of Zoe’s notebook and finds a door code, which he uses to get into the neighbour’s basement.

There he spots a freezer – and inside is Gemma’s body.

He confronts her and Zoe admits that Gemma had confronted her after discovering she was spying on her.

The two women argued, Gemma threatened to report a drunk Zoe to social services, and Zoe accidentally pushed her down the stairs.

Guessed the ending to #viewpoint. Quite disappointed with it really. Shame.

She then decided to hide the body and clean up the crime scene.

Martin and Zoe were then seen enjoying one last family meal together with her daughter Caitlyn before he called the police and she was arrested.

Martin and Zoe confess their love for one another and enjoy one last “family” meal together with her daughter, before Martin calls the police and Zoe is arrested.

It ended with Clarke’s character crying in the street.

Zoe in Viewpoint lead the fan theories
Zoe was revealed as Gemma’s killer (Credit: ITV)

What did Viewpoint fans say about the ending?

Viewers were divided.

Some branded it “crap and disappointing” and said it was “predictable”.

Others said they enjoyed it and called the ending “surprising”.

“Shame they didn’t keep their curtains closed then we wouldn’t have had to wait for that dire ending,” said one viewer.

“Disappointed with the ending of ITV’s Viewpoint, I guessed the murderer within 15 mins of the first episode, but still had to watch another 4hr45 mins to find out for sure,” said another.

Guessed the ending to #viewpoint. Quite disappointed with it really. Shame,” declared another.

Others enjoyed it though.

“Wow what a great ending to #Viewpoint. I’m giving nothing away but what a fantastic series it was overall,” said one fan.

Another added: “Just watched the finale of #Viewpoint on #ItvHub. Brilliant ending.”

What a ending!! Viewpoint was such a great series regardless!” said another.

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