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Vanessa Feltz drops shock OnlyFans confession: ‘My parents are dead, they can’t be offended’

Holly's on board with the idea

Vanessa Feltz got a mixed reaction from This Morning viewers as she pondered joining X-rated site OnlyFans.

Regular show guest Vanessa, 59, shocked hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby with her plans earlier today (Thursday January 13).

She insisted creating content for the subscription platform could help her with her pension.

However, going by the tone of the segment, ED! suspects Vanessa might not be entirely serious… or is she?

Could Vanessa Feltz open an OnlyFans account?
Could Vanessa Feltz open an OnlyFans account? (Credit: ITV Hub)

How Phillip and Holly reacted to ‘Vanessa Feltz joining OnlyFans’

“Blimey,” gasped Phillip as the ITV daytime show returned from an ad break today.

Referring to her recent adventures on Insta, he continued: “Well, Vanessa Feltz has just got a blue tick on Instagram… and now she’s talking about joining OnlyFans!”

An unapologetic Vanessa replied: “Why not?”

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She continued: “Is that a bad idea to provide for my old age and provide for my starving orphan children?”

Vanessa went on to reason she couldn’t upset late relatives by joining the site… even though her daughters reportedly weren’t all that chuffed when she shared a bath snap on Instagram.

“My parents are dead, they can’t be offended. Otherwise my father would say ‘for this you went to Cambridge?’ but he can’t any more, can he?” Vanessa went on.

‘Keep your options open’

However, Vanessa did clarify she hasn’t been overwhelmed by requests for her to post on OnlyFans.

She added: “I should say no one has asked me to do it.”

I should say no one has asked me to do it.

With both Holly and Phil very amused by Vanessa’s patter, Hols told her: “Oh I do love you. I fully support you.”

And Phillip agreed: “Keep your options open, everyone should have a plan B.”

However, Vanessa kept the gag alive by mentioning how OnlyFans could prove a valid opportunity for her.

She teased: “And not just keeping my options open, when I think about it.”

ED! has contacted a representative for Vanessa for comment.

How This Morning viewers reacted

A joke or not, it appears This Morning viewers commenting about Vanessa joining OnlyFans on social media weren’t entirely convinced.

“OnlyFans? Vanessa, you’d be facing bankruptcy within a month… #thismorning,” tweeted one observer, somewhat harshly.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby had a good chuckle
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby had a good chuckle (Credit: ITV Hub)

However, over on Instagram, at least one follower was keen.

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Commenting on a post by Vanessa chuckling about her comments, that person wrote affectionately: “Please do this – thanks!”

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