Van Der Valk

Van Der Valk: ITV viewers wildly divided over reboot of cop drama

What happened to the Eye Level theme tune?

ITV viewers appeared sorely divided over the reboot of classic cop drama Van Der Valk last night

The three-part series, which got underway yesterday evening (Sunday, April 26), follows the story of Dutch sleuth Piet Van Der Valk as he investigates the link between two murders in Amsterdam.

Van Der Valk
Viewers were wildly divided over the reboot of Van Der Valk (Credit: ITV)

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A remake of the popular ’70s series of the same name, the new show stars Marc Warren as Van Der Walk – a role previously played by late actor Barry Foster.

Different theme tune

But despite its sleek new look and recognisable cast, viewers at home were torn over the the 2020 reimagining.

Some on Twitter said they loved the new series, particularly as it took them to the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and away from the UK’s ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Van Der Valk
Like the original, show bosses have set the new Van Der Valk series in Amsterdam (Credit: ITV)

Others branded the programme “dull”, “boring” or “miscast”.

Many on both sides of the debate missed the original show’s iconic theme tune, Eye Level.

One viewer tweeted: “Really enjoyed #VanDerValk, especially in these days of #lockdown visiting beautiful Amsterdam. Looking forward to seeing the next episodes. I do miss the original theme tune, but this arrangement has something about it I quite like.”

Van Der Valk
Marc Warren plays the lead role of Piet Van Der Valk (Credit: ITV)

Another on Twitter said: “Gave it a try – 30 mins later – gave up. Politically correct, could have been anywhere, awful acting/directing/wooden performances. I will stick to real good drama on Netflix/Walter Presents, thank you #VanDerValk.”

It won’t be recommissioned.

A third wrote: “Watched new #VanDerValk and actually remember the storyline from the original! Marc Warren is perfect, and I’ve always adored Maimie McCoy (swoon). Just please bring back the Eye Level theme tune! Otherwise loved it!”

“It was dull.. boring…” said a fourth, adding: “No wonder @ITV didn’t plug this show… It won’t be recommissioned after this current block… #VanDerValk.”

Not everyone hated it

Someone else said: “Excellent first episode, enjoyed it thoroughly, well done everyone #VanDerValk.”

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“I really enjoyed the new #VanDerValk series, music and all,” tweeted a sixth. “I also loved the original. Nothing wrong with moving with the times.”

Another viewer said: “An insult to a iconic programme, poor Barry foster would be turning in his grave… Really looked forward to it all day Sunday until the start of the program. Where’s Eye Level gone? What an utter rubbish theme tune. That’s me finished watching now, it’s a utter insult. #vandervalk.”

“Really wanted to like #VanDerValk,” someone else said. “But managed to be both dull and ludicrous, and horribly miscast.”

– Van Der Valk continues this Sunday (May 4) at 8pm on ITV

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