Unforgotten cast member Alastair Mackenzie plays John Bentley: Is he married? How old is he?

Unforgotten cast member Alastair Mackenzie plays John Bentley: Who is his famous wife and how old is he?

Do you recognise the actor from his famous role in Monarch of the Glen?

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DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan return to solve more cold case crimes in series four of Unforgotten – but who plays Cassie’s boyfriend John Bentley in Unforgotten?

Actor Alastair Mackenzie reprises his role in the popular ITV drama.

Where have you seen him before? Who is his famous wife?

Here’s everything you need to know about actor Alastair and his role in Unforgotten.

Alistair Mackenzie plays John Bentley in Unforgotten
Who plays John Bentley in Unforgotten? Alastair Mackenzie plays Cassie’s boyfriend in Unforgotten (Credit: ITV1)

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Who plays John Bentley in Unforgotten?

Alastair Mackenzie portrays John Bentley in Unforgotten.

The actor has played the role since his first appearance in 2018.

As series four begins, Cassie is living with John as she takes time out from work.

John is formerly known as DCI John Bentley.

Cassie met him in series three while investigating the murder of 15-year-old Hayley Reid.

John was part of the initial investigation into Hayley’s disappearance and was interviewed by Cassie and Sunny about its findings and shortcomings, which he’d felt guilty about for years.

John has two sons in their early twenties who live in London with his ex-wife.

He’s no longer a police officer, having been asked to retire “in the interests of efficiency” due to funding cutbacks.

Who plays John Bentley in Unforgotten? Who is Alastair Mackenzie?

Alastair is an actor, who has been on our TV screens for nearly three decades.

As well as appearing on TV regularly, he also has extensive theatre and film credits to his name.

He also directs and produces!

His brother is director David Mackenzie, with whom he co-founded Sigma Films.

Alistair Mackenzie as Craig Petrie in The Loch
Alastair Mackenzie as Craig Petrie in The Loch (Credit: ITV1)

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What else has Alastair MacKenzie been in? What is he famous for?

Alastair is probably most famous for his role as Archie MacDonald in Monarch of the Glen.

He portrayed the role from 2000 to 2003.

First of all, the actor popped up in the likes of Lovejoy, Soldier, Soldier, and Game On before his first recurring role as Dr ‘Shug’ Nevin in Psychos.

After leaving Monarch of the Glen, Alastair returned to being a jobbing actor – appearing in Murdoch Mysteries, Lewis, Black Mirror and Skins.

In 2013, he appeared as Jeremy Welsh in Borgen, before portraying Lord Rothcroft in Dracula, and William Brereton in Wolf Hall.

2017 saw him appear in The Loch as Craig Petrie, and Jamie Poynter in Cold Feet.

Finally, Alastair played Guy Riverty in the 2019 mini series Deep Water.

Is he married?

Alastair is married to Scottish actress Susan Vidler.

She has starred as Powell in Line of Duty, Isobel Tulloch in Shetland and Aunt Sharon in Doctor Who.

In 1997, she appeared in a short film about drug addicts called California Sunshine.

The film was directed by David Mackenzie and starred his brother, Alastair.

Susan and Alastair became an item shortly afterwards and have been together ever since!

Does he have kids?

Alastair and Susan have a daughter named Martha, born December 1999, and a son named Freddy, born in September 2004.

They live in Islington, London.

How old is he?

Alastair Mackenzie was born February 8 1970.

He is currently 51 years old.

Where is Alastair – who plays John Bentley in Unforgotten – from?

Alastair is a Scottish actor.

He was born in Trinafour, near Perth.

Alastair was educated at Westbourne House School and Glenalmond College in Perthshire.

The actor left home at the age of 18 and moved to London.

Alastair Mackenzie portrays John in series four of Unforgotten, which returns on Monday February 22 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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