8 questions we have after episode one of Trigger Point

Trigger Point episode 1 review: 8 questions we have after watching that explosive ending

What an opener!

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Our Trigger Point episode 1 review is in and what an explosive start to the series (pun intended).

Starring Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester it introduced us to a pair of ‘expos’ – bomb disposal officers.

And, as you’d expect from a series whose executive producer is Line of Duty head honcho Jed Mercurio, there were plenty of shocking moments.

Here are eight questions we have after watching episode one.

***WARNING: Spoilers from Trigger Point episode one ahead*** 

8 questions we have after episode one of Trigger Point
It all kicked off in episode one (Credit: ITV)

Trigger Point episode 1 review: What do the numbers ‘1912’ mean?

Inside the Phelan flat and the place where the police had received intel that there was a bomb factory inside, something was carved into the door frame.

They were the numbers ‘1912’.

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Although DI Thom Youngblood later said that police could find no links between the mysterious number and organised terrorist groups, you have to ask if this number does hold some significance.

Could they be linked to the terrorist organisation that ran rings around the expos in episode one?

Trigger Point episode 1 review: Was the robot sabotaged?

Before Andy Phelan emerged from the boot of a car with a bomb strapped to him, Knock and Wash had to determine whether the car itself was a danger.

So they sent in the robot to take a look first.

However, said robot malfunctioned on the way to the car.

With what happened next, was this robot fail just bad luck or something more?

8 questions we have after episode one of Trigger Point
Wash dived straight in (Credit: ITV)

Why did Lana take her helmet off when she approached Phelan?

Call it reckless, call it perfect management of a crisis situation, but Lana taking her helmet off as she approached Phelan was quite something.

But why did she?

She didn’t have to. Wearing the right protective gear would’ve still shown her face and put Phelan at ease.

With Joel screaming at her in the background (“What are you doing??!”), you have to wonder if this sort of bravado will catch up with her.

However, Vicky has explained that in such close proximity, if the device went off, her gear would provide no protection.

Why was the bomber targeting Andy Phelan?

Andy Phelan’s wife told the expos that some men speaking Arabic stormed their flat and took the keys to Andy’s car.

But when they finally found a bloodied Phelan with a bomb strapped to him, we were none the wiser as to why he had been targeted.

We’ll no doubt find out in the next few episodes, but for now we need to know why Phelan was involved.

Or was he just a decoy?

Is this really an organised terrorism job?

In fact, the whole question of whether this attack was a decoy or not still bothers us.

First, the ‘bomb’ inside the flat was nothing more than a firework.

Then the bomb strapped to Phelan was dismantled in the nick of time.

It all felt like the bomber was leading Nut and Wash from one place and person to the next.

But why? Is this really an organised plot by a terror group or an attack orchestrated by one or two individuals?

8 questions we have after episode one of Trigger Point
Do Nut and Wash have a past? (Credit: ITV)

Did something happen to Nut and Wash in Afghanistan? Is this personal?

We know that Nut and Wash forged a close friendship thanks to their time in Afghanistan.

But the theory that it’s just one or two individuals leads us to this question: are Nut and Wash being personally targeted?

Perhaps something happened in Afghanistan, and someone is seeking revenge?

Trigger Point episode 1 review: Could the bomber see Nut approach the van?

Turn away now if you want to avoid some serious spoilers.

Nut finished up the operation by checking out the last remaining vehicle in the car park.

Sadly for him, a final bomb went off blasting a Transit into pieces and sending him flying.

Nut approached the van on his own, so we want to know if the bomber could see him and whether he or she pressed the button at the right moment.

8 questions we have after episode one of Trigger Point
Surely Nut could not have survived (Credit: ITV)

Trigger Point episode 1 review: Is Knock dead?

How do you survive a blast like that?

In the debris, a dust-covered Wash could just about make out an arm that was unattached to a body.

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The shock and explosive ending certainly seems to have finished off Nut… and just as we were getting to know him!

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