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Tipping Point viewers fume on Twitter as contestant David wins 10k

They reckoned he didn't deserve it after his behaviour in the final round

Tipping Point viewers took to Twitter to vent their anger after today’s show (February 24), which saw contestant David go home with the £10k jackpot.

While some said it was a well-deserved win, others took exception over his behaviour – in particular the number of counters he chose to go for in the final round.

At the end of the show the man himself declared that he’d been “lucky” to win the jackpot.

And it appeared Tipping Point viewers felt the same.

David tipping point
David went home with £10k after today’s show (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tipping Point today?

David made it through to the final, despite a couple of epic fails along the way.

Not only did he not know that Only Fools and Horses was set in Peckham, he also made quite the blooper when delivering his guessed answer about the show to host Ben Shephard.

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Ben asked where in London the fictional show starring Sir David Jason was set.

David didn’t know, so took a guess on “Chapham” – which clearly doesn’t exist in either the TV or real world.

Twitter hit out at David over the answer to the question, but it was clearly a sign of things to come when he made it into the final.

tipping point
He asked for two one-counter questions in the final round (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the Tipping Point final?

Well, you already know that he won the money, but the way he got there was a little unconvential.

David – a police officer – picked two one-counter questions in the final, which angered viewers at home.

ITV should change the rules of this game, what is point of coming to the show and choosing one counter… boring.

As he picked them they ranted that the decision made the game “boring”.

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One even tweeted ITV to ask them to change the rules of the game!

ITV should change the rules of this game, what is point of coming to the show and choosing one counter… boring,” said one.

“One counter! What a wimp!” said another.

One counter? I hope he locks himself up when he gets back to the station,” said another.

ben cuddling on tipping point
He got a hug from Ben Shephard when the Tipping Point jackpot counter dropped but viewers on Twitter were less kind (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Twitter when David won £10k?

Twitter erupted, naturally.

And it’s fair to say Brits were divided over the meaty win.

Nobody and I mean nobody should be allowed to win the jackpot after choosing two one-counter questions,” said one disgruntled viewer.

“Request for Ted Hastings to investigate a bent copper who somehow won 10K,” said another of the Line Of Duty favourite.

He can’t believe it – neither can I. I’ve always said it, you don’t have to be clever to win #tippingpoint just be lucky,” said another.

“Should arrest himself… he stole that!!” declared another.

Ben Shephard was on side, though.

After the show, he tweeted: “Got to love a #humpday jackpot and on the trade too!! Nerves of steel from David to risk it but what a result, huge congrats on the £10k. He’s off to Vegas baby!!!”

A viewer added: “Fair play to the lad. Seems like a decent guy.”

“Buzzing for David,” another confirmed.

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