Tim Lovejoy walks off Sunday Brunch and leaves Simon Rimmer ‘to it’

He'd had enough!

Sunday Brunch aired an amusing episode today as host Tim Lovejoy walked off the set.

And he left a stunned Simon Rimmer saying: “Leave you to it!”

Fortunately, it was all in good fun and Simon took it on the chin.

When guest chef Paul Ainsworth was video linked in, Tim decided his services were no longer needed.

What happened on Sunday Brunch?

sunday brunch
Fortunately the stunt was all in good fun on Sunday Brunch (Credit: Channel 4)

Leaving his co-host Simon to carry on the segment without him, he casually walked off the set.

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Tim initially introduced the chef as: “Simon’s joined by our guest chef Paul Ainsworth, all the way down in…”

Simon helped him out and let him know that Paul lives in Padstow.

Clearly unsure of where this is located, Tim asked: “I say it is down – is it down?”

Simon reassured him it is and Tim let out a “phew”.

Clotted cream on mashed potatoes?!

simon rimmer
Simon had to get on with the segment alone (Credit: Channel 4)

Tim decided this was his moment to make a quick exit and said: “I’ll leave you guys to get on with that.

“Have fun and be talented!”

Laughing at Tim’s swift goodbye, Simon said: “I’ll do my very, very best.”

I’ll leave you guys to get on with that. Have fun and be talented!

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Elsewhere in the episode, Simon delighted fans with a secret ingredient for mashed potatoes.

He advised adding clotted cream to the classic British dish.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their opinion on the unusual tip.

One user tweeted: “@SundayBrunchC4 oh my god Simon putting a put of clotted cream into mash potato and literally making the creamiest mash. Genius. #sundaybrunch.”

Another shared: “Sat here drooling looking at the mash potato and beef! .. calories don’t count on a Sunday right? Lol!”

And a third user gushed: “Omg please come round to ours today and make us that dinner, it looked absolutely amazing!”

However, a few appeared less than impressed by the tip.

Several argued that it was “filth” while a further user shared: “Clotted cream belongs on scones not mashed potato. Face with rolling eyesFace with tears of joy #SundayBrunch.”

Another mocked: “Desperate to be different? Put clotted cream in your mashed potatoes….#SundayBrunch.”

The episode also featured a slew of celebrity guests.

Many viewers were quite taken with Una Healy, who stunned in an eye popping outfit.

One user tweeted: “Una Healy is stunning, loving her country vibe too.”

And another shared: “Una Healy is definitely not leaving much to the imagination, is she! #SundayBrunch.”

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