This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller offers advice to pet owners

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller delivers heartbreaking news to pet owner

Dr Scott said Alison had given her dog Ollie a wonderful 16 years of life

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller told a pet owner that her dog is likely not going to make it after developing a growth in his mouth.

Dr Scott appeared on Friday’s show to offer his advice to callers on their pet problems.

However, one caller Alison was delivered some sad news as she explained her dog Ollie, 16, has got a growth in his mouth.

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller offers advice to pet owners
Dr Scott didn’t like the look of the dog’s growth (Credit: ITV)

This Morning vet

Alison explained to hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’leary as well as Dr Scott: “About nine months ago, we noticed a growth on the inside of his cheek.

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“Over time it’s got bigger. I’ve been to the vets and they said because of his age and he has a little bit of a heart murmur, they can’t operate.

“I’m going to go to the vets next week but just wanted your opinion. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, he’s doing everything he normally does, but I just wanted a second opinion.”

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller offers advice to pet owners
Dr Scott told Alison that Ollie may have cancer (Credit: ITV)

A photo of the growth inside Ollie’s mouth was shown as Dr Scott screwed his face up.

He said: “I don’t want to diagnose things without seeing them but I don’t like what I see.

“That doesn’t look nice and cancer tends to look exactly as you think it would look and that does not look nice so I would be concerned that is something significant.

“The fact that it’s [growing] quickly in a short space of time also would suggest malignancy.”

This Morning vet Dr Scott Miller offers advice to pet owners
Dr Scott offered support to Alison (Credit: ITV)

Dr Scott continued: “I know that Ollie is 16, which is an incredible credit to you.

“I know he also has a heart murmur which is one of the reasons you have sat on your hands and not moved forward because of the chance he might not make it through an anesthetic.

“Alison, my heart goes out to you on this one.

“That doesn’t look great, and all I would say to you is that you need to focus on the fact that you’ve given him 16 wonderful years and that you want to make sure that his passing is kind and that he’s not in discomfort.

This Morning vet Dr Scott tells pet owner dog may have cancer
Poor Ollie has a growth on his cheek (Credit: ITV)

Dr Scott Miller on This Morning

“I know you wouldn’t want that for him. Our love goes out to you because it may well be that this is quite problematic. I’m sorry to say that.”

Alison said: “Oh God.”

Viewers were emotional listening to Alison and Dr Scott.

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One person said on Twitter: “My heart goes out to the poor lady and her dog though. Heartbreaking.”

Another wrote: “Gosh you phone in for advice and get told you need to have your 16 year old dog put to sleep ALL my love to that owner .”

A third added: “Oh poor Alison and Ollie. It’s so sad when an animal is unwell.”

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