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This Morning: Spin to Win fans all make same complaint about Phil’s behaviour

Phillip was accused of deliberately stopping the wheel

This Morning fans all had the same complaint about Phillip Schofield‘s behaviour during the Spin to Win segment on today’s show (Thursday, January 20).

Phil and Rochelle Humes hosted another edition of Spin to Win at the end of today’s show.

It took a while for a viewer to pick up, but one named Emily eventually did and uttered the passphrase.

What happened next riled viewers, though.

phillip schofield, rochelle humes, this morning spin to win
Phillip and Rochelle hosted another edition of Spin To Win (Credit: ITV)

This Morning: What happened in Spin To Win?

“Have you been entering for a while?” he asked an audibly shaky Emily.

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“Yes. Yeah, a really long time,” Emily replied. She then revealed that she’d been entering the competition since the start of the pandemic.

“I’m in work at the moment,” Emily said. “I work for the NHS, I’m a speech and language therapist.”

Phil and Rochelle then thanked Emily for what she’s been doing in her role at the NHS.

philip schofield, rochelle humes celebrating on this morning spin the wheel
The wheel landed on £3,000! (Credit: ITV)

What happened next?

Phil then got down to business and asked Emily what she would rather – spin the wheel, or spin the tumbler full of balls.

Emily decided to spin the wheel, and Philwas happy to oblige. The wheel started spinning, and a nervous Emily could be heard muttering “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh” down the phone.

The wheel stopped on £3,000, causing both Phillip and Rochelle to cheer.

“You got the jackpot!” Phillip cried. “Oh my goodness, yay!” Emily squeaked.

“Oh my goodness me, congratulations! Yes, a jackpot!” Rochelle celebrated.

He even told her the answer to the bag of schizzle question as she hadn’t been watching.

A tearful Emily then told Phillip that her husband was his biggest fan, and even has a T-shirt with Phill’s face on it!

“Well, I love that,” Phillip said. “I love her,” he later said of Emily as the NHS worker hung up.

phillip schofield this morning spin to win
“I love her,” Phillip said of Emily (Credit: ITV)

How did viewers react?

However, some viewers of This Morning were less than convinced that Emily winning £3,000 on Spin To Win was purely down to luck.

Many accused Phillip of deliberately stopping the wheel on £3k, just because Emily worked for the NHS.

As a result, plenty of viewers took to Twitter to grumble.

“He fixed that. Knew he would,” one viewer claimed.

“It’s not fair that Phil stops the wheel for people who work in the NHS,” another moaned.

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“Everyone who gets a chance on spin to win just say you work for the NHS,” another joked.

However, not everyone was annoyed with Phillip or the fact that the wheel landed on £3k.

#ThisMorning nice to hear someone so happy to win spin the wheel. Well done,” one wrote.

That was a really good thing to do for that nurse @Schofe on the wheel,” another said.

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