Julie Sear made a sandwich cake on This Morning

This Morning: ‘Sandwich cake’ leaves viewers very divided during cooking segment

Well, it was sort of a cake...

A ‘sandwich cake’ on This Morning today left viewers extremely divided on Twitter.

However, it wasn’t long until they demanded the “disgusting” looking savoury construction to be “put in the bin”.

One even said that it wasn’t fit for a food bank.

Sandwich cake on This Morning
Juliet smeared cream cheese all over the cake (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today with the sandwich cake?

Baking expert Juliet Sear joined hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on today’s show (Wednesday May 12).

But instead of rustling up one of her trademark sweet treats, she made a savoury sandwich cake.

When Holly was asked to cut it and reveal what it was, the host said: “Oh my god, it’s a sandwich! Is this not a cake?!”

“It’s a sandwich cake!” Juliet replied.

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Furthermore, she then revealed that Phillip’s layers included Marmite and cucumber, cheese and chives, and BLT.

In addition to egg and rocket, Holly’s four-layered ‘cake’ included cheese and celery, and chicken and bacon layers.

Phillip then said: “Once you get your head around the weirdness of it, it’s really good!”

Juliet then showed them how to make one, using cream cheese as the ‘icing’. She even whipped in a touch of Marmite into Phil’s to give it a caramel colour!



How did viewers react to the ‘cake’?

As Phil and Holly tucked into their sandwich cake, viewers took to Twitter to share their horror at the culinary creation.

One wrote: “Why would anyone do this?

“A cake is a cake. A sandwich is a sandwich. They should NEVER be the same thing! #ThisMorning.”

This is pure insanity; she’s lost it.

In addition, another said: “This is pure insanity; she’s lost it.

“What next? Ice cream in a stew? Steak in a sticky toffee pudding? #thismorning.”

“#ThisMorning them cakes are straight in the bin now,” a third demanded after that.

Finally, one viewer simply said: “Disgusting.”

Holly Willoughby and the sandwich cake on This Morning
Holly looked shocked at what she found inside the ‘cake’ (Credit: ITV)

What else did This Morning viewers say?

The reaction wasn’t all bad.

As Juliet explained, the ‘sandwich cake’ is popular in countries like Sweden (where it’s called ‘smorgastarta’), Finland and Iceland.

And some viewers saw the appeal.

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One said: “I want some of that sandwich cake!”

Another wrote: “I like the look of these sandwich cakes, just a lot of creme cheese on I’d have to have sweet chilli sauce on it.”

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