This Morning: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield apologise to 'farting' guest as they struggle to contain giggles

This Morning ‘farting’ segment leaves Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in giggles

Holly ended up with tears streaming down her face

This Morning stars Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield apologised to a guest who makes her living from farting earlier today.

The hosts were in hysterics during the bizarre interview segment on today’s (May 10) episode of the ITV daytime show.

But despite trying to hold in their giggles, both Holly and Phil were unable to stop a few squeaking out.

Professional farter Emma appeared on This Morning
Emma Martin makes £3000 a month from farting (Credit: ITV Hub)

Who was the guest on This Morning today?

Emma Martin of South Carolina, USA pulls in £3,000 a month from her ‘specialist interest’ videos.

She said she has been web-camming for 20 years, turning to ‘farting-fetish’ vids in 2005.

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And she apparently got into the farting game after seeing a request online from someone who wanted to see her breaking wind around her house.

Emma also explained that before she took her unusual flatuence-based revenue stream full-time she’d previously worked as a travel agent.

How Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield reacted

Both telly presenters attempted to keep their cool – but Holly eventually ended up weeping with tears of laughter.

Farting is funny, so I apologise that we’ve ended up in fits of giggles here.

Holly told Emma: “Farting is funny, so I apologise that we’ve ended up in fits of giggles here.”

The 40-year-old also admitted she couldn’t believe what she was asking as she enquired whether Emma was able to fart on demand.

Holly Willoughby was in hysterics
Holly Willoughby absolutely lost it (Credit: ITV)

Holly really loses it

But after farting sound effects were played in the studio, Holly just couldn’t prevent herself from collapsing into fits of giggles.

Tears ran down her face and she was unable to compose herself enough to read her cues from the teleprompter.

“I’m crying now, well done,” she barely managed to utter.

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Holly wailed, almost unable to catch her breath: “I can’t read it, I can’t read it.”

Phil also howled with laughter after the pair bid farewell to Emma, holding his hand over his mouth.

How This Morning viewers reacted

Many of those watching at home expressed on social media how much they were tickled by the segment. But not everyone was impressed with the subject matter – or Holly and Phil.

One person tweeted: “Disgusting and those two need to grow up, it’s embarrassing.”

Another wrote: “Can believe how childish Holly and Phillip are behaving with this farting nonsense. It’s not funny, it’s embarrassing.”

One tweeted: “These two get more and more childish. Do we really need something this disgusting shown on TV.”

Holly Willoughby was in tears
Holly Willoughby was in tears (Credit: ITV Hub)

But others found the segment hilarious.

In addition, someone else wrote: “I am was literally trying to work from home but couldn’t type as laughing soooo much.”

Another said: “Funniest interview ever Holly and Phil are brilliant!!!!”

One added: “How my coffee never came out my nose laughing at @hollywills laughing at farts, I’ll never know.”

Another commented: “I’m working from home and rolling about laughing at Holly laughing at the farting interview.”

This Morning airs on ITV, weekdays, from 10am.

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