Phillip Schofield on This Morning

This Morning: Phillip Schofield accused of ‘stopping Spin to Win wheel on £3k’

A heartwarming moment on the show today

This Morning viewers have accused Phillip Schofield of “stopping the wheel on £3k” on purpose on today’s show.

Some fans of the show even believe they’ve spotted a trick for him to do it for everyone who phones in – just say you’re a carer!

What happened with the wheel on This Morning?

Phillip Schofield and holly willoughby on this morning
Phillip and Holly brought out the Spin to Win wheel again today (Credit: ITV)

On today’s show (Thursday, December 2), Phillip and Holly Willoughby brought the Spin to Win wheel and tumbler out. They then rang viewers at home and gave them the opportunity to win up to £3k by spinning the wheel.

One viewer, Andrew, eventually picked up the phone and revealed that he was a carer for his grandmother.

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“You’re an angel, so this is very, very well deserved,” Phillip Schofield told the caller. He then asked Andrew what he’d like to try his luck on, the balls or the wheel. Andrew decided to go for the wheel, and Phillip was happy to oblige.

Phillip Schofield spun the wheel and it luckily landed on £3,000, meaning Andrew had some extra cash to spend this Christmas.

Andrew couldn’t hide his joy and his partner jumped on the line to call Phillip and Holly “beautiful”.

What did fans on Twitter say about Phillip Schofield?

Phillip schofield and holly willougby looking at the wheel on this morning
Fans accused Phillip of deliberately stopping the wheel on £3,000 (Credit: ITV)

However, some fans believed that it wasn’t purely down to chance that the wheel had landed on £3,000 today.

They claimed that Phillip had stopped the wheel with his thumb to ensure it landed on the big prize!

“Did anyone notice Phill had his thumb on the wheel to stop it on £3,000?” one viewer asked.

“Phil strategically stopped the wheel with his thumb there!” another fan of the show cried.

“Wow! That wheel stopped abruptly on £3000, didn’t it?” a third viewer said sarcastically.

What else did fans say about Phillip Schofield?

Phillip schofield on this morning
Some This Morning viewers said that Phillip Schofield will make sure you get the big prize if you tell him you’re a carer (Credit: ITV)

Some viewers of the show also claimed to have spotted a trick that will ensure Phillip Schofield makes sure the wheel lands on £3,000 –  Just say you’re a carer!

“Ah, the old thumb-on-the-wheel technique. Carer to your gran? Is that a job now? Well done anyway,” one fan grumbled.

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Another said: “If Phillip likes someone he deliberately stops the wheel on £3,000.”

However, not all fans cared whether Phillip Schofield had stopped the wheel on purpose or not.

“I don’t even care that Phill stopped the wheel, those two were angels,” one This Morning fan tweeted.

Another added: “[Bleep] off moaners – that was nice.”

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