Vanessa Feltz wears fairy-like dress on This Morning Dec 2

This Morning: Vanessa Feltz divides viewers with her dress today

Vanessa certainly had viewers talking after today's appearance on This Morning!

Vanessa Feltz was mocked online by viewers over her dress choice on This Morning today (Thursday, December 2).

Fans of the show took to Twitter to make fun of the 59-year-old’s dress, among other things…

Why was Vanessa Feltz on This Morning today?

Vanessa Feltz wears fairy-like dress on This Morning Dec 2
Vanessa joined Holly and Phil for the phone-in today (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa appeared on This Morning today alongside regular hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield for the live phone-in.

The This Morning gang wanted viewers to phone in and tell them about embarrassing moments where they were caught red-handed doing something they shouldn’t have been.

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Some of the stories that followed involved viewers saying they’d fed their husband the cat’s dinner, people dropping their towels when opening the front door, and a woman’s son seeing her ‘Sexy Santa’ outfit.

Vanessa then said: “Imagine if you really do like a ‘Sexy Santa’, you’ll have to wait all year for your urges to be gratified.”

“It’s a bit niché, the ‘Sexy Santa’, when you think about it,” she added.

What else did Vanessa Feltz talk about on This Morning today?

Vanessa Feltz dress on This Morning
Some viewers suggested Vanessa was cosplaying as Elsa from Frozen on today’s show (Credit: ITV)

Another embarrassing story that was read out was about a woman who accidentally flashed her nipple tassels to her husband’s friends.

Vanessa then told Phillip and Holly that her father used to make nipple tassels. She also revealed that he was the first person to import “edible knickers” into the UK.

“They were a kind of pineapple flavour,” Vanessa Feltz said, elaborating. “That paid my school fees.”

Vanessa then revealed to Phillip and Holly, and the viewers at home, that she can make one nipple tassel swing one way, and the other swing the other way.

“Naturally I can do that,” she declared.

What did fans on Twitter say?

Vanessa Feltz wears fairy-like dress on This Morning Dec 2
Fans just wanted Vanessa to stop! (Credit: ITV)

Fans of This Morning didn’t hold back on Twitter following Vanessa’s appearance on the show today.

“Good grief Vanessa… did you get dressed in the dark? My great-granddaughter would look better in that dress,” one viewer said.

“Omfg Vanessa looks like a sugar plum fairy,” another viewer wrote.

“Why is Vanessa wearing a nightie on TV?” a third This Morning fan asked.

Some viewers even said there were similarities between Vanessa Feltz’s outfit on This Morning and Elsa’s dress from Frozen!

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Fans of the show were also less than impressed with Vanessa’s discussions on nipple tassels, edible knickers, and Sexy Santa costumes.

“Enough with the sexy Santa suit, Vanessa, we get it,” one This Morning fan grumbled.

“Okay I’m back, I had to go and sit in a dark room and cry for a bit at the thought of someone eating edible knickers off Vanessa,” a third viewer joked.

“Vanessa, please stop,” another fan begged.

Meanwhile, others loved Vanessa’s appearance on the show today.

One added: “Where did Vanessa get her dress, I want to be a Frozen princess?”

Another wrote: “Vanessa’s dress,” followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

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