A This Morning guest sparked outrage when he suggested scaling back Christmas lights

This Morning guest sparks outrage as he calls for Christmas lights to be banned

Phillip called him a Grinch!

A guest on This Morning today sparked outrage after he called for Christmas lights to be banned.

And it wasn’t just viewers – host Phillip Schofield called him a “Grinch”.

A This Morning guest sparked outrage when he suggested scaling back Christmas lights
Phillip called the guest a ‘Grinch’ (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby welcomed Matt Shardlow from Buglife to talk about why his organisation wants people to scale back their Christmas lights to limit damage to the environment.

When he introduced Matt, Phillip said: “I mean, what a Grinch!”

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Matt replied: “Well, what we’re trying to do is raise awareness of the impact of light pollution because we’re diurnal animals and we’re not used to thinking about light as being pollution.

“But most animals actually live in the night. The darkness is their home and what they depend on.

A This Morning guest sparked outrage when he suggested scaling back Christmas lights
Matt said that light pollution affects the ecology (Credit: ITV)

“How far do you want to go here?”

Matt went on to explain that light pollution can greatly change the ecology and endanger bugs like moths, mayflies and earthworms.

Phillip then asked: “How far do you want to go here?

“Do you want the streetlamps turned off? Do you want all houses to turn off their Christmas lights? If I’ve got a Christmas tree shining out of my window, do I shut my curtains?”

“We don’t want to over-egg this,” Matt replied. “This is about a bigger trend about light pollution.”


How did viewers react to the idea?

Viewers soon took to Twitter to express their outrage at the idea of banning Christmas lights.

One asked: “Has that Pompous middle class idiot wanting to ban Christmas lights finished yet?”

Another wrote: “#ThisMorning really? Ban Christmas lights?

“Why do you bring out these people every year to put a downer on Christmas. Everyone needs a pick up this year, give us all a break.”

A third added: “Banning Christmas lights now, it’s getting ridiculous. Just go back to the 1900s and sit in the darkness by candle light #ThisMorning.”


However, some viewers agreed with Matt’s plea to scale things back.

One viewer said: “@thismorning: ‘should we ban Christmas lights to save the bugs?’ SO off the mark with this one, why is light pollution even up for debate?!?!?!

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“Light some candles at Christmas instead! We should love our planet more than some tacky light installation.”

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