Martin Lewis on This Morning with Phillip Schofield

This Morning: Martin Lewis puzzled as Phillip Schofield accuses him of swearing

The money expert accidentally let a naughty word slip

This Morning star Martin Lewis appeared oblivious after Phillip Schofield accused him of swearing on the show.

The money saving expert, 48, featured on today’s show (February 11) to offer viewers financial advice and guidance.

However, while answering a query from 70-year-old Dawn, Martin appeared to swear.

Martin Lewis appeared to swear on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

What did Martin Lewis say on This Morning?

The concerned viewer had asked for advice on scam websites.

While renewing her driving license, Dawn found she had been overcharge after being directed to another website.

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Martin went on to explain that the websites are usually “shyster” sites.

But the finance guru slipped up on the pronunciation of the word “site”.

Phillip Schofield insisted he swore (Credit: ITV)

He explained: “I call these sites shyster sites, they are quasi-legal. You see them for passports, Visa applications, driving licenses and the DVLA.

“These companies advertise on top of official search terms and have a website that looks legitimate but never claims to be the official source, instead offering to process things for an extra fee on top that you could have got for free or for a basic set price.

Apparently according to Phillip I swore on This Morning just now. Yet I have no idea what I said

“I think these [bleep] are outrageous that’s why I call them shyster sites, and don’t worry that’s not a swear word so we are fine.”

Phil, who was giggling at the time, pointed out: “The word you said before was though.”

Martin addresses his swearing on Twitter

Later on, Martin took to social media to address the incident – and appeared oblivious!

He wrote: “Apparently according to Phillip I swore on @thismorning just now. Yet I have no idea what I said.”

In a separate tweet, Martin clarified: “As I noted shyster isn’t a swear word. Phillip suggested I had swore earlier. The common view is I may have said web [bleep] accidentally instead of sites.”

Some followers were quick to point out the incident, while others hadn’t even noticed.

Martin appeared oblivious as he addressed the incident on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Martin was left “shaken” after facing a “barrage” of abusive comments from anti-vaxxers.

It came after the TV star asked his followers for their opinions on the coronavirus vaccine.

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However, the poll didn’t sit well with some.

Martin revealed he had received over 30 vile messages, including some on his religion.

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