James Martin suffers cooking mishap on This Morning

This Morning: James Martin suffers kitchen disaster as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield told off for being ‘mean’

A viewer told off the pair during the phone-in segment

This Morning chef James Martin suffered a kitchen disaster today as hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were jokingly told off for being “mean” to him.

James appeared on Monday’s show to cook a winter soup and cheese straws but he suffered an unfortunate mishap.

The chef was putting ingredients in a blender but didn’t secure the lid properly.

James Martin on This Morning
James Martin suffered a mishap when the blender exploded (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

As he turned the blender on, the soup went flying across the kitchen counter.

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As Holly and Phil burst into hysterics, James said: “This is what happens when I’ve got a director in my ear telling me I’ve got seven minutes, now I’ve got six minutes, now I’ve got five minutes.

“Now I’ve got one minute apparently!”

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Holly and Phil burst into laughter (Credit: ITV)

Phil joked: “Yeah but look how you’re using those minutes.”

Luckily, James had brought another batch of the soup which he kept under the counter.

Holly and Phil then confirmed the soup tasted delicious.

However, Phil admitted: “In the top of this soup that I’ve pretty much eaten there was like a brown skid mark.”

James replied: “Do you know I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning to come here?”

James Martin cooks on This Morning
Phil said the top of the soup looked like “a brown skid mark” (Credit: ITV)

James Martin refuses to tell Holly and Phil recipe

As Holly burst into giggles, Phil asked James: “What is it because it’s amazing.”

James joked: “I’m not telling you now. Just eat it, I’m not telling you.”

Do you know I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning to come here?

As the director appeared to say something in his ear, James shouted: “I know the time’s gone!”

Phil told him: “James, do what we do and don’t take any notice!”

James said: “He’s going to say, ‘clear the shot’, how can I clear the shot when I’ve got to do this as well!”

James Martin on this Morning
James cleaned up his mess (Credit: ITV)

Finally, James completed the dish and said: “I don’t know how we got there but that’s cauliflower soup,” as the studio gave him a round of applause.

Following an advert break, James was seen cleaning his mess up in the kitchen.

James was returning for a second cooking segment later in the show and Holly asked: “What are you making for us apart from a mess?”

He replied: “Whatever we’ve got left really. Supposed to be doing gravy,” to which Holly said: “What could possibly go wrong?! And stuffing!”

Phil joked: “Can’t wait. I can’t wait to be wearing it a little bit later on.”

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
A This Morning viewer told Holly and Phil off for being “mean” to James (Credit: ITV)

However, during the show’s phone-in segment shortly after, a viewer told Holly and Phil they were “mean” to James.

Amanda told them: “You’ve got my favourite chef on today!”

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Holly asked: “James Martin! Did you see his disaster earlier?”

Amanda replied: “I did and I think you’ve been a bit mean to him, I’ve got to admit.”

Holly laughed: “He gets everything so perfect and he’s so brilliant we couldn’t miss the opportunity when that gift happens on live telly.”

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