This Morning today:

This Morning host Eamonn Holmes ‘shuts down’ Julia Hartley-Brewer on show today

Her extreme views caused some to 'switch off'

This Morning fans weren’t the only ones left reeling today (July 22) when Julia Hartley-Brewer butted heads with a qualified doctor.

The radio host was invited on to the show with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to discuss the increasing number of people being asked to self-isolate by the NHS COVID-19 app.

Julia thinks the app should be scrapped entirely.

But fellow guest Doctor Philippa Kaye wasn’t supportive of that stance.

Their debate left viewers reeling as Eamonn interrupted: “Let’s get the medical opinion on this.”

Julia Hartley-Brewer on This Morning today (Credit: ITV)

This Morning ‘Pingdemic’ controversy

Julia, 53, claimed that many businesses were in trouble due to the “pingdemic”. However, Philippa stated people had a “moral obligation” to isolate when pinged.

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The doctor said: “The first thing to say is that no one is underestimating how difficult isolation is financially, physically, psychologically. No one is underestimating that.

“But so too COVID has financial, psychological and physical implications. And so too does long COVID.”

She continued: “And we know there are two million people affected by long COVID in the UK and that is a real issue. If you are pinged by the app, you have an increased risk of being infected yourself.

“We know that there is a percentage of patients who have COVID asymptomatically.

“That means you can then transfer it to someone else, putting them at risk. That’s why we’re saying yes, it’s a pingdemic, but it’s also a pandemic and we have to look after ourselves and each other.”

Doctor Phillipa Kaye clashed with Julia (Credit: YouTube)

This Morning today: Julia’s response!

Julia responded: “I’m sorry but at no point did you address any of the big issues.

“Of course, if someone has a risk of getting COVID they should be getting themselves tested and isolating until they’ve got the results.

“But the point of someone having a PCR test will establish if someone is asymptomatic or not. You may be developing it later on so you have a lateral flow test, that addresses all of those concerns.”

She added: “If that was such a big risk then why on earth are NHS bosses saying they want an exemption for NHS workers?”

What did This Morning viewers say?

Viewers found Julia’s views expressed in the clash extreme and said they were “switching off”  because of her.

One tweeted: “Why do they continue to allow Julia on with Drs. She never listens.”

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Another added: “This Morning I think you should stop having Julia on, she’s so annoying. Wonder what her views would be if she was on the frontline or key worker and having to deal with COVID. She may think differently.”

Another fan posted: “Turned on the TV, saw that Julia was on This Morning spouting a load of [bleep] as per usual so turned it straight back off.

“It’s too hot to deal with that.”

Meanwhile, one questioned the judgement in having Julia as a guest.

They wrote: “This Morning – turned on, saw Julia Hartley-Brewer, turned off. Don’t know why you keep giving her airtime.”

Eamonn and Ruth with Julia and Phillipa (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

This Morning today: So how did Eamonn and Ruth react?

Admirably, according to viewers.

Some expressed their gratitude at host Eamonn acting to reel back Julia’s commentary.

One posted: “Eamonn shutting JHB down… g’wan lad!”

Another added: “JHB: ‘spews a lot of bile’ Eamonn: “Well let’s bring in the medical perspective on this.”

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