This Morning: Phillip Schofield argues with guests

This Morning: Holly Willoughby forced to intervene as Phillip Schofield gets heated with Julia Hartley-Brewer and Matthew Wright

'Handbags at dawn!'

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was forced to intervene as Phillip Schofield, Matthew Wright and Julia Hartley-Brewer came to figurative blows live on air today (July 9).

It all kicked off during a debate over Julia‘s impending holiday.

And, when it was suggested that we should treat COVID as flu going forward, all hell broke loose.

Holly even had to step in and instruct the trio to move on, diffusing the situation by going to a segment about the Queen.

This Morning Julia
Phillip Schofield came to blows with Julia and Matthew today on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Holly Willoughby takes charge on This Morning

Julia was slammed by This Morning viewers as she bemoaned waiting on PCR test results before heading off on holiday.

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She said she wouldn’t get the results until just before they were due to fly, causing some to sarcastically tweet that their “heart bleeds” for her.

This then led to a debate about vaccines and quarantine, with Matthew Wright shouting over Julia and Phil shouting over them both.

Phil said: “We won’t get back to square one because we’ve been vaccinated. That was the whole point why we were delayed till July the 19th.

“You’ll be terrified forever,” he ranted at Matthew.

“You accept the variant and you move on with your life. Otherwise you’re constantly locked in with these doom and gloom people,” Phil added.

This Morning Julia
Julia Hartley-Brewer bemoaned the fact she’s awaiting PCR test results ahead of her holiday (Credit: ITV)

How did viewers react?

Viewers were torn over who to support as the row kicked off.

“Matthew Wright–  what an immature childish muppet!” declared one.

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“JHB is a nasty selfish woman. Turning off,” said another.

“I think it’s a good job it’s Phil’s last day before summer. Julia Hartley-Brewer is rubbing off on him,” said another.

“Philip and Brewer are both irresponsible!!!” a fourth commented.

“That all just sounded like white noise to me,” said another of the row.

This Morning viewers switch off over row

One thing many seemed united on though was the fact the show was giving them a “headache”, with some admitting they’d turned off mid-row.

“Can someone shut that women up on the TV. Shouting at Matthew. OMG. I had to switch channels,” said one.

This Morning Julia
Matthew Wright was also embroiled in the row (Credit: ITV)

#ThisMorning is giving me a headache. Once again incapable of hosting a balanced debate. Thank goodness Phil and Holly are heading off for the summer,” said another.

“Lost me remote!! Can’t change channels,” declared another.

However, one viewer did have a hilarious solution to the argument – a jousting tournament!

When people start arguing like this on #ThisMorning I think they should do a segment where Holly and Phil yell ‘LET’S JOUST’ and the arguing parties joust….it would be a lot more interesting,” they said.

“Handbags at dawn, bloody hell,” said another.

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