Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning

This Morning fans heartbroken as tearful mum reveals daughter is bullied for being ginger

'Laura' said her 12-year-old has began self-harming

This Morning viewers were heartbroken today as a mother opened up about her daughter being bullied.

The woman, who went by the name ‘Laura’, called in to the show to get advice from TV psychologist Emma Kenny.

‘Laura’ explained her 12-year-old daughter hasn’t been eating or sleeping after being bullied for having ginger hair.

This Morning phone-in
‘Laura’ opened up about her daughter’s bullying ordeal on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

What did the This Morning caller say?

‘Laura’ told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “I found she was self-harming.

“It’s all down to falling out with friends, they’re spreading horrible rumours.

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“Taking the micky out of her hair because she’s ginger. She’s even gone to the stage of dying her hair.”

As she became emotional, ‘Laura’ continued: “She’s not wanting to eat and she can’t sleep.

Emma Kenny on This morning
Emma Kenny offered her advice to ‘Laura’ (Credit: ITV)

“I’ve spoken to the GP but she doesn’t trust nobody any more.

“We’re working with the school but the people that she can go and talk to have let her down as far as she’s concerned.”

I’m so sorry you’re going through this as a family.

‘Laura’ explained her daughter has blocked the bullies online, however, they’re still finding ways to get to her.

She said: “They’ve set up groups and silly things like that with pictures of her…”

Mum-of-three Holly said: “It’s just so awful. I’m so sorry you’re going through this as a family. It’s so cruel.”

This Morning phone-in
Holly Willoughby called the bullying ordeal “awful” and “cruel” on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

What else did ‘Laura’ say on This Morning?

‘Laura’ added: “She’s gone from a really loving, caring girl to like a demon because she’s just had enough.”

‘Laura’ said her daughter has “a lot going for her”, however, she misses out on her education and was recently suspended.

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The struggling mum said she receives fines when her daughter refuses to go to school.

Emma advised ‘Laura’ to get her daughter to have a social media break and get back in contact with the school and demand help.

Phillip schofield on This Morning
This Morning viewers heartbroken over ‘Laura’ and her daughter (Credit: ITV)

What did This Morning viewers say?

One person said: “Feel really sad for ‘Laura’ on #thismorning today. My eyes really filled up listening to your story.”

Another wrote: “Heartbreaking hearing about Laura’s child! It’s horrible that her daughter has been punished for retaliation!

“What about the kids who done this to her?”

A third added: “Heartbreaking hearing parents talking about their kids being bullied.

“This should NOT be happening in this day and age! Teach your kids to #BeKind teach them to treat others equally!”

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