This Morning fans defend passenger who almost got thrown off Thomas Cook flight for wearing a crop top

Trainee accountant Emily O'Connor was left shaken and upset...

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This Morning fans were up in arms today when a young girl described how Thomas Cook airlines had tried to remove her from a flight because of her choice of clothing.

Trainee accountant Emily O’Connor, from Birmingham, was threatened with being thrown off because she was wearing a ‘crop top’.

Crop top Emily O'Connor This Morning
Do you think Emily’s top is offensive? (Credit: ITV)

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While some viewers believed the top was more like a bralet, most were in agreement that the item was not so offensive as to warrant removal from an aeroplane.

Talking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, 21-year-old Emily described how she’d been asked to leave a flight earlier this month.

She revealed she was asked by airline staff to “cover up” before the flight manager asked her to collect her baggage and leave the plane.

Crop top Emily O'Connor This Morning
Emily wore the exact same outfit to the studio (Credit: ITV)

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However, Emily insists that nowhere in their policy did it stipulate that a crop top could not be worn…

Revealing the awkwardness of the situation, Emily – who wore the same outfit to the This Morning studios – revealed that the situation escalated, and ended with a fellow passenger shouting at her.

She explained: “So I wore this outfit through security, and passport control, and nobody said anything. I was very hot, I had a jacket with me but decided not to wear it.”

Crop top Emily O'Connor This Morning
The offending top was bought in Zara (Credit: ITV)

She continued: “I got on the plane and the first airline staff said to me ‘excuse me madam, you aren’t dressed appropriately and unless you cover up we’re going to remove you from the flight’.”

When the flight manager boarded, he then told her she needed to leave.

A male passenger then shouted that she was a “pathetic woman” before swearing at her, while she claims the flight attendants did nothing.

Emily added: “There was a man behind me wearing a vest top and a pair of shorts, and I was thinking to myself, I’m getting targeted, and said that my shoulders and arms are out, when a gentleman is in the exact same situation.

“For me as a woman, or a man, any gender, any sex, you should be able to show your body in any way you deem appropriate.”

Arguing against her was social commentator Liz Brewer, who agreed with the airline and said Emily was wearing what clearly looked like a ‘bra’ and that she had ‘demeaned herself’ by wearing it.

Phil and Holly were supportive of Emily and viewers watching from home also sided with her, with one saying: “Since when can’t you wear a crop top/ vest on a plane going on holiday!!! World’s gone mad #ThisMorning.”

Another added: “#thismorning when I had a body like that I used to wear those crop tops. Hardly offensive.”

A third said: “Women should not be made to feel discomfort to make others feel comfortable. @thismorning how is that inappropriate? I wish I didn’t need to wear a bra with a crop top! You look good girl #thismorning.”

“I didn’t realise going on holiday is part of LFW,” blasted another. “Like seriously does it matter if she’s wearing a bra or a crop top? As long as you can’t see her nipples it doesn’t really matter!!!!! #ThisMorning.”

Emily had previously tweeted about the incident, typing: “Flying from Bham to Tenerife, Thomas Cook told me that they were going to remove me from the flight if I didn’t ‘cover up’ as I was ‘causing offence’ and was ‘inappropriate’.

Emily O'Connor Instagram emilyroseoconnor_
Emily had to borrow a jacket to be allowed to stay on board (Credit: Instagram emilyroseoconnor_ )

“They had four flight staff around me to get my luggage to take me off the plane.”

A later tweet added: “I was given a jacket by my cousin sitting at the front of the plane and they did not leave until I physically put it on. They made comments over the speaker about the situation and left me shaking and upset on my own.”

She also thanked those who had supported her.

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