This Morning Ruth Eamonn Laura Grant sexism debate Credit: ITV

This Morning beauty salon sexism debate splits viewers

They were discussing beauty salons reopening

This Morning discussed sexism today when they hosted a debate on the government’s rules about beauty salons reopening.

Although men are allowed to have their beard trimmed at the barbers, women (or men!) aren’t allowed to have any facial treatments including facial waxing, eyelash treatments, facials and make-up application.

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes called in to talk to This Morning after she revealed she’s challenging ministers on the decision. Salon owner Laura Grant was also part of the discussion.

This Morning Ruth Eamonn Laura Grant sexism debate Credit: ITV
Eamonn and Ruth debated whether the government was being sexist (Credit: ITV)

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This Morning sexism debate

With MPs and the Prime Minister himself seemingly laughing at the beauty industry in the House of Commons last week, the debate quickly turned to whether our government is just sexist.

Of the restrictions, Laura said: “When we heard the news that we’d be opening on July 4, we were ecstatic, but then we heard we can’t do any face-to-face.

“We don’t do face-to-face, we work from behind, so in the lash and brow and facial industry we are absolutely fuming.

“We are working from behind, we are not working face-to-face. We’ve got a mask, we wear gloves, we wear a shield, and we’ve also invented this extra shield to keep up behind here to stop the droplets from getting anywere.”

After watching the clip from the House of Commons, Laura hit out at how “disgraceful” the MPs had been.

Beauty salon owner hits out

This Morning Ruth Eamonn Laura Grant sexism debate Credit: ITV
Laura was fuming at the restrictions (Credit: ITV)

“Absolutely disgraceful. It’s completely sexist. Men can get their beards trimmed, they’ve got their football back, they’ve got the pubs open. Why are we not back at work? It’s crazy, we need a date and we need a date today when we can get back.”

Laura also revealed it was “becoming a black market” and going underground with women who need to work breaking the law to go into people’s houses.

Caroline added that she would be continuing to press the case with ministers. She also spoke about how people had told her it was “just vanity.”

She revealed: “How can you say that to a woman who has polycystic ovary syndrome and needs to have facial waxing? How can you say that to an elderly person who might not be able to bend down to trim their toe nails?”

She also spoke about restoring eyebrows to alopecia and cancer sufferers saying: “These aren’t trivial, these are absolutely essential to their emotional well-being.”

Caroline is campaigning to change the ruling (Credit: ITV)

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Did This Morning viewers think it was a case of sexism?

Viewers were totally split over the issue. Some see the safety measures as essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It is sexism to some

Others felt it was totally sexist. Some also thanked the show for raising the issue of medical conditions rather than it being about vanity.

Were Laura and Eamonn the ones being sexist?

There were some who felt Laura was the one being sexist as a result of her comments on football and pubs.

Eamonn was also called out for saying: “You know where the scientists are coming from, they’re all men with big bushy eyebrows, they’ve never been in a salon.”

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