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The Undoing: Who killed Elena? Best fan theories after episode two

Fans have their theories about the HBO series

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The Undoing continued last night (Monday, November 2) and viewers can’t agree on who killed Elena.

The series, starring Hollywood favourites Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, is based on the book You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz and tells the story of a woman whose seemingly perfect life falls apart.

Therapist Grace Fraser (Nicole) finds herself engulfed in an investigation following the death of a young mum named Elena and her own husband’s disappearance.

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman star as Jonathan and Grace Fraser in The Undoing (Credit: Sky Atlantic)
Jonathan (Hugh Grant) and Grace (Nicole Kidman) in The Undoing (Credit: HBO)

Fan theories on who killed Elena in The Undoing

In the first episode of the series, Grace met Elena, who seemed to be obsessed with her, and the pair later kissed in private at a charity event.

Elena was found dead the next day, turning the show into a whodunnit and leaving fans guessing at the identity of the killer.

In episode two, Jonathan (Hugh Grant) was revealed as suspect number one, particularly as Elena’s husband had an alibi. Elsewhere, while at home in her apartment, Grace discovered a bottle of perfume and recognised the scent as Elena’s.

After episode two, viewers took to Twitter to offer their theories.

Some are sure it will turn out to be Grace’s husband, Jonathan.

Hugh Grant plays Jonathan Fraser in The Undoing (Sky Atlantic)
Some think it’s too obvious for Jonathan to have killed Elena (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

One said: “So Jonathon had sex with Elena at the party then maybe killed her and went home and slept with Grace! #theundoing.”

Could Grace be the killer?

Others are certain it was Grace who killed Elena and insist it’s “obvious” she’s guilty.

“#TheUndoing It is so obvious Grace killed Elena… she knew all along the husband’s business… great show,” said one.

“Loving #TheUndoing. I’m gripped! My theory is Nicole did it, I found this and seems to fit with her being overly kind to Elena,” said another, sharing info on the psychological definition of undoing.

Some viewers think Grace did it (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

Husband Fernando a prime suspect

Some viewers, meanwhile, think it could be Elena’s partner Fernando.

They think he did it after finding out she was having an affair.

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One viewer said on Twitter: “OK this is one of my many theories. But what if Grace finds out that Elena’s husband actually killed her after he finds out about her affair making Jonathan innocent. But Grace being p*ssed at the fact that he cheated and lied she stays quiet as an act of revenge.”

Another wrote: “I can bet my life the boyfriend did it, it’s always the boyfriend. Bro, Fernando killed Elena #theundoing.”

In The Undoing, someone bludgeons Elena to death (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

Others felt torn between it being either Grace or Jonathan.

Elena crossed too many lines. Killed her to keep her silence.

One viewer said: “#TheUndoing is sooo good! Here r my theories after 2 eps: 1) Grace found out about the affair and killed Elena out of jealous revenge, or 2) Jonathan saw Elena getting close to his wife & encroaching on his family. Elena crossed too many lines. Killed her to keep her silence.”

Some, however, think Grace and Jonathan’s son, Henry, might have done it.

Henry behaved surprisingly calmly after his dad went missing, which suggests he could know more than he’s letting on.

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“It’s way too obvious [Jonathan] killed Elena,” said one. “Grace or Henry did it in my opinion. #TheUndoing.”

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