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The Sister reviews: Viewers divided over ghostly ending as some brand it ‘worst ever’

Not everyone liked the ITV drama's spooky ending

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The Sister concluded last night and viewers were torn over the ending to the ITV drama, with some branding it the ‘worst ever’.

Part four, shown on Thursday (October 29) evening, saw Nathan (Russell Tovey) take drastic steps to keep the secret of what happened to Elise (Simone Ashley) hidden from his wife, her sister Holly (Amrita Acharia).

The last episode of The Sister saw Nathan try to kill Bob (Credit: ITV)

What happened in The Sister episode four?

In last night’s episode, Bob (Bertie Carvel) wanted to come clean about killing Elise and Nathan’s involvement in covering it up.

But knowing it would wreck his marriage with Holly, Nathan tried to kill Bob and make it look like suicide.

Nathan’s plan was to make Bob’s death look like suicide (Credit: ITV)

Bob survived, although he lay in a coma in hospital, and Nathan’s relationship hit the rocks when his wife found out he was at the New Year’s Eve party, years ago, where she last saw Elise.

At the end of the episode, though, things seemed to be looking up for Nathan. He was on good terms with Holly again and they welcomed a baby girl to the world.

However, in the closing scene, Nathan was driving along when the camera showed Elise’s ghost lying in the back of his car. Right before the credits rolled, her eyes snapped open.

At the end of The Sister, Elise’s ghost appeared in the back of Nathan’s car (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers think of The Sister ending?

On Twitter, a number of viewers branded the ending a “disappointment”, with some claiming the whole series was a “waste of four hours”.

One said: “Don’t think I’ve ever seen a show kill an ending quite like #TheSister.”

Another tweeted: “#TheSister what sort of ending was that? Cannot believe I actually watched four hours of this.”

A third said: “I feel totally cheated that I invested four hours of my life on this, all along I knew it would have a crap ending #TheSister.”

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a show kill an ending quite like The Sister.

A fourth put: “Well, the ending of #TheSister was [bleep]! Once again @ITV drag a drama over four nights and the ending is poor! The couple did have a really nice house though, lovely flooring.”

Someone else said, sharing a picture of Nathan crying: “Me at the end of four hours watching #TheSister seeing the worst ending ever unfold…”

“Very sorry @itvstudios but you could have done so much better with the ending of #TheSister,” said a sixth. “A great program somewhat ruined by the way you ended it @itv.”

Some viewers found The Sister ‘enjoyable’

Other viewers said they thought the ending was “nightmarish”, in a good way. Some said they were disappointed but enjoyed the series overall, and felt the closing scenes didn’t detract from what was an otherwise enjoyable drama.

“Quite a nightmarish ending to #TheSister, with a happy one before that,” one viewer said. “A gripping drama these four nights brought to us by a brilliant cast. Really enjoyed it overall.”

“I actually enjoyed #TheSister, even though the ending was disappointing,” another said. “There should’ve been more episodes. Very atmospheric, especially Bob’s manky flat! Fantastic performances from @russelltovey and @bertiecarvel. I wonder how long it took to perfect Bob’s creepy voice?!”

“Disappointed with the ending of #TheSister last night,” someone else wrote. “Good drama in parts, but a very rushed ending and what turned out to be a fairly crap plot.”

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