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The Undoing Episode 3: Who killed Elena? Top fan theories

The HBO drama continued last night

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Viewers’ theories on who killed Elena have shifted after watching The Undoing episode 3.

The series, airing on HBO in the US and on Sky and Now TV for UK viewers, revolves around the murder of Elena Alves and isn’t short of potential suspects.

Earlier in the series, therapist Grace (Nicole Kidman) met Elena (Matilda De Angelis).

Elena seemed to be obsessed with her and the pair ended up kissing at a charity event.

Grace’s husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) was a prime suspect as he disappeared off the scene following Elena’s death.

Viewers aren’t as suspicious of Jonathan after episode three of The Undoing (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

Jonathan no longer viewers’ top suspect

Before The Undoing episode three, all eyes were understandably on Jonathan. He lost his job at the hospital where he worked because of an affair he had with Elena, whose baby daughter we now know is his.

He also feared for his family, claiming Elena was “obsessed” with him.

However, while Jonathan remains a top suspect as far as the cops are concerned, some viewers think it would be too obvious if he was the killer and have set their sights on other characters.

Nicole Kidman plays therapist Grace (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

What happened in episode three?

Jonathan was taken into police custody because Grace reported him, following his disappearance after Elena’s death.

He had a hearing and his bail was set at $10 million bond or $2 million in cash. Grace’s lawyer pal Sylvia, who attended, told her Jonathan’s lawyer is known as The Badger.

Grace met him later and said she wouldn’t vouch for Jonathan’s innocence, while the lawyer admitted he didn’t like Jonathan – but didn’t consider him a killer.

Elsewhere, Grace’s dad Franklin (Donald Sutherland) looked especially shifty.

At one point, viewers saw him lurking near Elena’s old apartment, where he watched her husband Fernando with the baby.

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Grace’s own innocence was also thrown into question.

Some think the killer could be Grace’s dad Franklin, played by Donald Sutherland (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

She went to the police, demanding to see CCTV footage from the night Elena was murdered.

The cops showed her footage recorded a block from the crime scene that showed Grace walking across the street – well and truly putting her in with the top suspects.

My theory is that Grace did it! She killed the mistress.

With the six-part drama now at its halfway point, who do viewers think is the murderer?

Nicole Kidman stars in The Undoing
Who killed Elena Alves? Viewers have their theories (Credit:

Viewers share their theories

Some think Grace is definitely the killer.

One said: “My theory of #theundoing is that Grace did it, framed her husband to get dad’s money to hire a very good lawyer to ‘muck’ things up.”

Another agreed: “#TheUndoing my theory is that Grace did it! She killed the mistress.”

A third said: “#TheUndoing #TheUndoingHBO my theory. Nicole Kidman killed the mistress and she is framing Hugh Grant.”

For some, Grace’s son Henry might have done it.

Someone tweeted: “My theory on #TheUndoing: the son found out the dad was having an affair, killed the girl, the dad knows the son killed her and is trying to protect him.”

Others suspect Franklin, Grace’s dad, after his odd behaviour near Elena’s home.

A viewer tweeted: “Franklin. He knew something wasn’t right with Jonathan and why go to the victim’s house?”

A second put: “@HBO New theory. Franklin killed Elena. #TheUndoing #TheUndoingHBO.”

What is lawyer Sylvia hiding?

For others, lawyer Sylvia could be hiding something.

“Just catching up #TheUndoing,” said one. “There’s something fishy about Grace’s lawyer friend, Sylvia.”

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Another who also suspects Franklin offered a theory on Sylvia too, and thinks she might be involved with Jonathan.

They tweeted: “Sylvia. Did not like the looks between her and Jonathan. If he was unfaithful once, why not twice?”

The Undoing continues next Monday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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