Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves in The Undoing (Credit: Splash)

The Undoing on Sky Atlantic: Who plays Fernando Alves? And did he kill wife Elena?

Is Jonathan guilty of murdering Elena Alves? Or was it Elena's husband?

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The Undoing continued on Sky Atlantic tonight (Monday November 9 2020), and Grace accused Elena’s husband of “stalking her” – but who plays Fernando Alves and is HE the killer?

In the third episode of the gripping thriller, we saw Jonathan in jail for the murder of Elena Alves.

But with Jonathan protesting his innocence, could Elena’s husband actually be the killer?

Here are our questions!

***Warning: spoilers from episode three of The Undoing ahead***

Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves in The Undoing (Credit: Splash)
Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves in The Undoing (Credit: Splash)

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Who plays Fernando Alves in The Undoing?

Ismael Cruz Cordova plays Fernando Alves in six-parter The Undoing.

He was born and raised in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico.

He’s been acting since he was 15, when he began working in commercials, TV and film.

In 2006, he moved to New York City to continue his acting career.

Ismael played Jimmy Patrick in The Good Wife, Hector Campos in Ray Donovan and Rafael Torres in Berlin Station.

He’s also the voice of Mando in Sesame Street!

In early 2020, it was revealed that he had been cast in an undisclosed role in The Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime.

For those fans who think actor Ismael is a little bit tasty, he’s reportedly single right now!

Ismael Cruz Cordova as Hector in Ray Donovan (Credit: Sky Atlantic)
Ismael Cruz Cordova as Hector in Ray Donovan (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

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Who is Fernando Alves in The Undoing?

Fernando is now a widower after his wife Elena was found bludgeoned to death with a sculpting hammer from her own art gallery.

Early scenes seemed to show that there were cracks in their marriage.

Since Elena’s body was found, Fernando has been bringing up their two children alone.

However, we’ve now discovered that the youngest child is NOT Fernando’s baby.

The baby is the result of Elena’s affair with Jonathan Fraser – the doctor who ‘cured’ their eldest son from cancer.

Did Fernando kill wife Elena?

Jonathan Fraser is currently in jail for the murder of Elena.

There’s plenty of proof against him – he admits to an affair with her, and has also revealed they had a huge row just minutes before she was killed.

Oh, and they had sex, too – so there’s DNA proof.

But Jonathan is insisting he’s innocent, incapable of taking another human’s life.

Could he actually be innocent and Fernando the real killer?

Fernando knew Elena’s second child wasn’t his. He also knew about the affair.

He has since tried to approach Jonathan’s wife Grace, but she accused him of “stalking her”.

According to the police, Fernando has an alibi for the night of the murder – but what is the alibi and is it for real?

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman star as Jonathan and Grace Fraser in The Undoing (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

Why did Jonathan run?

After finding Elena’s dead body, Jonathan disappeared, making him look guilty as hell.

He admits: “I was selfish. And I thought only about myself and what might happen to me.”

He later returned, and Grace called the police.

Is Grace involved in Elena’s murder?

At the end of episode three, police told us that Grace was near the scene of the crime on the night in question.

CCTV footage shows Grace crossing a road close to where Elena’s body was found.

Grace told police she was “just walking” but they have their suspicions against her.

They believe she may have aided and abetted her husband, or harboured a fugitive.

Is Grace as innocent as she appears?

Does Grace have post-traumatic betrayal?

Robert Adelman accuses Grace of having post-traumatic betrayal.

He tells her she is so hurt about her husband’s affair, she believes he is capable of anything.

Jonathan is guilty of adultery and deceit, but is he guilty of murder?

Who plays the lawyers?

British actor Douglas Hodge portrays “the badger” Robert Adelman.

He’s named so because he chews and gnaws at a case.

He is Jonathan’s public defence attorney, but even he thinks Jonathan is guilty.

Meanwhile, The Killing star Sofie Gråbøl plays prosecutor Catherine Stamper.

The Undoing continues next Monday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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