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What is The Undoing theme song and who sings it? Listen here

Sky fans can't get enough of the dreamy vocals

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Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s six-part thriller has been a hit with the critics, but fans are loving The Undoing theme song.

The psychological drama opens with a dreamy sequence featuring a younger version of Grace Fraser (Kidman).

As the episode begins, the number plays as clips of a little girl juxtapose with darker images.

So, who’s voice can be heard in the opening titles, who sung it originally and where can it be found online?

Who sings The Undoing theme song?

Yes you’ve guessed it – that is the voice of the Moulin Rouge actress herself.

Nicola Kidman not only stars in the series but is also the executive producer.

The leading lady is performing a rendition of ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’.

If you’re wondering why it sounds so familar, you will definitely have heard the original version sung by Ozzie Nelson.

It has been covered countless times by stars such as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong,

The music is by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt, while the lyrics are by Gus Kahn.

Although it must be said Kidman has given the classic song an eerie update.

Interestingly, the song was recorded during lockdown with the help of her record producer husband Keith Urban.

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Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman sings The Undoing theme tune (Credit: Splash News)

What has she said about the song?

Speaking in an Instagram video on Monday (November 2), Nicole revealed how the situation came about.

“So about a month before we’re about to lock picture, Susanne Bier calls me and says “Um, I’ve had an idea – I want you to record the title sequence”,”

“I was like, “Absolutely not”.

“And then she said, “You have to”, and then I went, “OK”.”

Well we are glad she agreed!

The actress has admitted to being nervous.

She recently told The Sydney Morning Herald: “I can’t do with my voice what I can do when I act and that’s very frustrating,”

Nicole continued: “With performance, there’s the possibility I may not get there. But at least I know I can try to reach it. With voice, I just can’t. I wish I could sing what I feel.”

Where can you listen to The Undoing theme song?

You can listen to Nicole Kidman’s cover of ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ by clicking on the video at the bottom of this article.

Unfortunately, The Undoing theme song is not yet available on any music streaming services.

However, HBO does have an official playlist which features all their iconic theme songs – you can listen on Spotify.

So, fingers crossed the catchy song gets added soon!

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Does Nicole Kidman have any other songs?

If you are dying to hear more of that lovely singing voice,  then you are in luck.

She sings on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack with Ewan McGregor, which includes classics like ‘Come What May’ and ‘Sparkling Diamonds’ .

There is of course the famous duet with Robbie Williams – the cover of ‘Somethin’ Stupid’.

Nicole is also lined up to star in Netflix’s adaptation of Broadway show Prom, so we should expect many more tunes from the talented actress.

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The Undoing Nicole Kidman
The Undoing (Credit: HBO / YouTube)

Fans praise Kidman’s vocals

After the first episode aired, fans took to social media to compliment Nicole’s version of the timeless song.

One said: “Nicole Kidman singing Sweet Dreams (theme song for The Undoing) is so good. She should have recorded an album or something. Her music from Moulin Rogue and the duet with @robbiewilliams was not enough.”

Another agreed: “Nicole Kidman singing the opening credits song of The Undoing is so healing, just drop your Soundcloud Nic.”

While others urged HBO to put the song on streaming services.

Where to watch The Undoing in the UK

The Undoing premiered on Sunday, October 25 on HBO in the US.

In the UK, it first aired on Sky Atlantic on Monday, October 26.

It continues next Monday evening at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

Alternatively, you can watch the series on NOW TV.

To watch you’ll need a Sky subscription or an Entertainment Pass – costing £7.99 a month.

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