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The Sex Clinic on Channel 4: Who are the experts and what are their qualifications?

What does it take to become a sex clinic expert?

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The Sex Clinic on Channel 4 is back!

Series two is now airing on Tuesdays at 10pm and episodes are also available to stream on All4.

Each episode strives to end the taboo around STD’s and sexual health in general.

Patients come into the clinic with various ailments – and the team do their best to find a solution.

But just who are the ‘sex experts’? And what are their qualifications?

Here we take a look at each of these Channel 4 stars and what they specialise in…

Dr Naomi Sutton

Dr Naomi Sutton is an NHS Sexual Health consultant and an ambassador for the charity Saving Lives.

Here she explained how she hopes her role in the show will make a positive difference.

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She said: “I think the programme will help to de-stigmatise sexual health issues, and promote healthier attitudes to sex, including regular testing and condom use.

“The programme will demystify a lot of things, and make it easier for people to go to a sexual health clinic, and may even encourage communication between partners about their sex life.”

Sarah Mulindwa

Sarah Mulindwa is a Senior Sexual Health nurse who also appeared on E4’s The Sex Testers.

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On The Sex Clinic she helps advise patients as well as administer tests.

sarah sex clinic nurse
Sarah is a senior nurse (Credit: Channel 4)

She has worked on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Describing her experience to The Mirror, her diary included: “A colleague tells me of a nurse who died recently. I start to feel like healthcare workers have been left to be slaughtered. But there’s no time to dwell on it.”

Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner is a Sexual Health Advisor on The Sex Clinic.

He works at the front desk and can take hundreds of enquiries per shift.

kevin turner
Kevin with his co-workers and TV co-stars (Credit: Channel 4)

Speaking to Huffington Post, he said a shift consists of: “My day starts really early.

“The phone is ringing. I’ve got to get through six people an hour. There are 900 HIV patients who need medication and people panicking about STI symptoms that need talking to. I barely have time to ask what their name is.”

How do you apply to be on The Sex Clinic?

The Sex Clinic takes applications to be on the show through an online application form.

Channel 4 also offers a WhatsApp number to contact if you are interested in appearing on the show.

Details on how to be on The Sex Clinic can be found here.

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