The Repair Shop doll Alice Margaret

The Repair Shop: Doll Alice has BBC viewers in tears

It was damaged at the same time that Margaret's mum was killed

The Repair Shop featured a doll last night and viewers sobbed as its owner revealed the tragic story behind it.

During Wednesday (November 18) evening’s episode of the BBC documentary series, Margaret brought in a doll, named Alice, that she had as a little girl.

She explained how, during the Second World War, she was sent up to Scotland while her family remained near Kingston.

On The Repair Shop, Margaret explained that her mum died at the end of the war (Credit: BBC)

How was the doll on The Repair Shop damaged?

Unfortunately, despite the war almost being over, a plane crashed into the family’s home – damaging the doll, among many other possessions, and killing Margaret’s mum.

She broke down as she recalled the moment her dad travelled up to Scotland to tell her the news.

Margaret said: “My dad came all the way up to Dunblane to tell me and that was the worst thing of all. When he had finished telling me, he had to leave to go back… I just remember him walking down this path, it was like the end of the world.”

A plane crashed into the family home, killing Margaret’s mum and damaging the doll Alice (Credit: BBC)

Margaret and Alice reunited after 63 years

Margaret explained how a neighbour’s niece had retrieved the doll after the plane crash and had it for 63 years, as she didn’t know how to get hold of Margaret or her family.

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It was only decades later – when a relative of the niece saw an old report about the plane incident, and connected it with the doll – that Margaret was reunited with Alice.

She wanted it to look less frightening and more like it did before the crash, so The Repair Shop’s Amanda and Julie set to work.

When they revealed their handiwork, Margaret broke down in tears.

On The Repair Shop, Margaret broke down as she saw the newly fixed doll (Credit: BBC)

She said, looking at Alice: “My goodness, you are beautiful. The hair colour is just right!”

The Repair Shop has got me right in the feels with that doll! I wasn’t prepared for that!

Afterwards, Margaret said: “She was so ugly before that I found it difficult to have any feelings other than the connection to my mother being killed. Holding her now is just so special.”

Amanda and Julie also revealed that, because of the deeply personal connection between Alice and Margaret’s mum, rather than throwing away any pieces they couldn’t salvage, they had tucked them inside the doll.

The Repair Shop viewers were in tears as they watched (Credit: BBC)

What did The Repair Shop viewers say about Alice the doll?

On Twitter, viewers said Margaret and the story of Alice the doll had them bawling.

One said: “@TheRepairShop Bravo. Well done @thebearitinmind Amanda and Julie. That doll restoration is amazing and had me in tears. #TheRepairShop.”

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A second wrote: “One of the best #therepairshop stories ever, a doll called Alice x.”

A third said: “#TheRepairShop has got me right in the feels with that doll! I wasn’t prepared for that!”

Someone else tweeted: “What an amazing, and incredibly sad story on #therepairshop tonight #Doll.”

“Hell’s teeth,” said a fifth viewer. “#TheRepairShop strikes again… the doll reveal, an extraordinarily emotional bit of TV.”

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