The Repair Shop: Cross that saved a life leaves BBC viewers stunned

Margaret said the ceramic cross saved her dad's life during the war

The Repair Shop featured a cross last night and the item’s ‘remarkable’ story left viewers stunned.

During Wednesday (November 11) evening’s episode, Margaret from Nottinghamshire brought in an old ceramic cross that was broken in half.

On The Repair Shop, Margaret brought in a ceramic cross (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the cross on The Repair Shop

She explained how it had belonged to her father and had even saved his life during the war.

Margaret said: “I have a cross, it belonged to my father who was born in Romania. When he was 16, Germans invaded Romania in the Second World War.”

She explained how he fled to Russia, where he joined the Russian army, but was shot twice.

She explained how the cross saved her dad’s life (Credit: BBC)

Margaret’s ‘life-affirming’ story

“The first bullet actually entered his mouth and came out of his cheek,” Margaret said. “The other hit this [cross], it was in his tunic pocket. This saved his life.”

The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades replied, amazed: “So the bullet hit this and didn’t go through to him, then? That’s amazing.”

Margaret got emotional on The Repair Shop (Credit: BBC)

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Margaret continued: “After the war, all the people displaced were put into these holding centres in Austria, and that’s where he met my mum. She was from Yugoslavia.”

Margaret said her parents, who had since died, came to the UK and her dad worked in a mine.

She went on: “If it hadn’t been for this cross, dad wouldn’t be alive.

They always get me… remarkable story of the cross. Nearly set me off.

“It holds a lot of sentimental value… it’s a massive part of our family history.”

Margaret added, getting emotional: “Without that, there wouldn’t be a family.”

Later, when she saw it fixed up, Margaret fought back tears and said: “I don’t know what to say… I daren’t pick it up.”

BBC viewers called the story behind the cross ‘life affirming’ (Credit: BBC)

How did BBC viewers react to the cross?

On Twitter, viewers were blown away by the incredible story behind the cross, with some calling it “life affirming” and others saying it had them in tears.

One said: “therepairshop the cross story was amazing.”

Another wrote, with a tearful emoji: “That story of the cross was incredibly life affirming.”

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A third said: “They always get me… remarkable story of the cross. Nearly set me off #TheRepairShop.”

A fourth put: “If only you could bottle #therepairshop. Could feel the emotion coming out of the screen for that amazing cross.”

Someone else said, praising The Repair Shop star Kirsten Ramsay, who worked on the piece: “The cross is absolutely stunning. Well done, Kirsten.”

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