The Repair Shop Cat teapot and Kirsten

The Repair Shop: Viewers stunned over expert Kirsten Ramsay’s cat teapot restoration

Dinky the cat teapot was a gift during the Second World War

The Repair Shop viewers heaped praise on ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay after her incredible work on a cat teapot.

In Wednesday (October 28) night’s repeat episode, partners Matthew and Nigel brought in a cat-shaped tea pot.

The cat teapot on The Repair Shop broke during the war (Credit: BBC)

What was the story behind the cat teapot on The Repair Shop?

It had belonged to Matthew’s old friend and neighbour Gladys, who had died just a year earlier aged 105.

Matthew said: “As you can see, it’s been in the wars.”

He explained that Gladys had gone over to Germany on secretive missions during the Second World War, and a woman she helped gifted the cat teapot to her.

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Gladys had affectionately named it Dinky, after one of her own cats.

Matthew and Nigel’s friend Gladys died aged 105 (Credit: BBC)

Teapot broken in wartime train raid

Unfortunately, the teapot cracked when soldiers apprehended a train Gladys was travelling on. It was broken in the ensuing search, and while Gladys had tried to repair it herself with glue, large cracks were still visible on the surface.

Matthew told Kirsten and The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades: “I would like to see the beauty of what it was like before it was broken.”

Kirsten said afterwards the project would be “difficult”.

The Repair Shop cat teapot episode (Credit: BBC)

But she nevertheless worked her magic on it, including using paint stripper to carefully remove the glue, allowing her to take the pieces apart and put them back together properly.

When Nigel and Matthew saw the finished results, they were taken aback, saying it looked “brand new”.

“Gladys would be thrilled…” Matthew said, stunned.

Kirsten told him, “Well it sounded like she did so much for other people” and they called the restorer a “true artist”.

The Repair Shop cat teapot episode (Credit: BBC)

How did The Repair Shop viewers react?

Viewers at home felt the same way, as they took to social media to comment on Dinky and Kirsten’s amazing work.

One said on Twitter: “My god! The level of skill and perfectionism on the ceramic cat! Unbelievable even for #therepairshop!”

Another wrote: “Waterworks as per. And the two gents and their very special teapot? Kirsten Ramsay is a wonder – that’s amazing. #TheRepairShop.”

Kirsten Ramsay is true gold on The Repair Shop. What completely stunning work on Dinky the cat.

A third put: “Kirsten off of #therepairshop is such an amazing artist. The story of that teapot reminds me of the untold stories of women who did incredible things during the Second World War – and never said a thing about it. Ever.”

Someone else said: “Look at that cat teapot! That is bloody incredible! What an amazing skill that is, and what a story behind Dinky too. Loved it. #therepairshop.”

“@KirstenRamsay2 is true gold on #TheRepairShop,” said a fifth with clapping emojis. “What completely stunning work on Dinky the cat.”

As yesterday’s episode of The Repair Shop was getting underway, the BBC’s announcer called it a ‘televisual hug’ – and it seems viewers couldn’t agree more.

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“BBC continuity described #therepairshop as the telly equivalent of the hug,” said one, adding: “Too right!”

“@TheRepairShop – ‘A televisual hug’,” quoted another. “Just what we need right now.”

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