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The Repair Shop on BBC One: Engagement ring restoration has viewers bawling

It broke after Hellie lost it

BBC series The Repair Shop had viewers feeling emotional last night as it featured a beautiful engagement ring restoration.

During Wednesday (February 24) evening’s episode of the BBC One programme, David and Hellie brought a badly damaged ring into the workshop.

Chatting to Home Fix presenter Jay Blades, the couple said they had been married for almost 20 years.

The Repair Shop featured a broken engagement ring (Credit: BBC)

Story behind the ring on BBC show The Repair Shop

The ring, they explained, had belonged to David’s great-grandmother and his mother had worn it, passing it on to him in 1996 in the hope he would find someone to give it to.

Unfortunately, David’s mother never got to meet his partner Hellie, who recalled the moment he popped the question to her.

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Hellie, who said David didn’t get down on one knee, explained: “On my birthday in the summer, he produced a little parcel wrapped in the last year’s Christmas paper… I wasn’t sure what it was all about.”

The ring slipped off Hellie’s finger as it was too big (Credit: BBC)

She loved the ring but sadly lost it when it slipped off her finger.

Eventually they found it in the driveway – mangled and missing a few stones.

“It must have been run over hundreds of times,” David said.

Thankfully, they found the diamonds and had all the pieces there in The Repair Shop to be put together again.

Hellie and David were desperate to have the ring restored (Credit: BBC)

Later, when they saw the restored ring, it blew them away.

“It’s exactly like it was,” Hellie said, stunned.

David then told her: “This might be 20 years too late, but…”

Taking the ring, he went down on one knee and placed it on her finger.

He added: “This is a token of our love for each other.”

David got down on one knee to put the ring on Hellie’s finger (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say on Twitter?

On Twitter, viewers loved the ring restoration and said the moment David and Hellie saw it had them in tears.

One tweeted: “The ring repair on tonight’s #therepairshop was epic!”

Another wrote: “Beautiful TV with the engagement ring! #TheRepairShop.”

A third said: “#therepairshop please tell me I wasn’t the only person who had a little sob when the older couple got their engagement ring sorted?”

Absolutely bawling my eyes out at him getting down on one knee to put the restored ring on her finger.

Someone else put: “Beautiful ring, stunningly restored. Who says romance is dead? Gorgeous couple, wishing you both every happiness #TheRepairShop.”

A fourth said: “Yes, I’m crying over someone else’s engagement ring. What a lovely couple.”

The ring looked just like it did when David originally proposed (Credit: BBC)

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A fifth wrote: “I’m a broken man #TheRepairShop.”

“Omg… absolutely bawling my eyes out at him getting down on one knee to put the restored ring on her finger,” said a sixth.

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