I'm A Celebrity most dangerous Bushtucker trials

The most dangerous Bushtucker Trials to ever appear on I’m A Celebrity

The Bushtucker trials with a surprisingly high death risk

I’m A Celebrity is known for it’s thrilling Bushtucker Trials that have the contestants quaking with terror.

However, according to experts, some of the trials are actually extremely dangerous and have a high risk of fatalities.

Jordan North on I'm A Celebrity
Jordan North plummets off a cliff on I’m A Celebrity (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: The Abseil

Ranked as the most dangerous Bushtucker Trial ever – according to new Betfair Casino research – is The Abseil in 2020.

2020 marked the first time the show was relocated to Wales due to COVID restrictions.

It was also the first time the celebs were forced to abseil down a cliff to retrieve backpacks.

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Even though contestants have sky dived and ridden in helicopters in the past, The Abseil Bushtucker Trial had very severe and extreme risks.

Jordan North was so terrified he even vomited!

The death risk for the trial rated a very high score of 6.22/10.

Joey Essex I'm A Celebrity
Joey Essex plunges into a submarine filled with water (Credit: ITV)


Underwater trials are by far one of the most risky challenges.

In the 2013 Submerged Bushtucker Trial, Joey Essex was dropped into a submarine and forced to collect as many stars as he could.

After swimming underwater with all sorts of horrible creatures, Joey told viewers that he “feared for his life”.

This extremely daring trial rated a score of 3.67/10.

I’m A Celebrity Viper Vault

Last year’s contestants Shane Richie and Jordan North battled for stars in vault filled with horrifying snakes.

While it may have been fun to watch, the trial actually came with a lot of life-threatening risks.

One risk was the unpredictability of snakes, which could bite or strangle someone at any moment in self defence.

There are also lots of dangerous diseases that can be carried between reptiles and humans.

According to experts, the risk of death was rated 3.44/10.

I'm A Celebrity's Celebrity Cyclone
Last year’s Celebrity Cyclone (Credit: ITV)

Celebrity Cyclone

Even though it looks super fun, Celebrity Cyclone is one of the most dangerous Bushtucker Trials.

Celebs were reported to get lots of injuries during the trial, including John Barrowman who hurt his ankle.

Back in 2018, Barrowman got knocked over so badly that he was sent to hospital to get his ankle checked out.

The risk of fatalities was rated at 3.33/10.

Fatima Whitbread on I'm A Celebrity
Fatima gets a cockroach stuck up her nose on in the Fill Your Face trial (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity trials: Fill Your face

The iconic Fill Your Face challenges consisted of celebs putting their head inside a helmet full of all sorts of creepy crawlies.

While cockroaches and mealworms don’t actually seem that harmless, the trial is actually very dangerous.

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One year, one of the 7,500 cockroaches managed to even crawl up inside Fatima Whitbread’s nose.

The trial had to be stopped as Fatima got urgent assistance from Medic Bob.

The risk of death was rated 2.61/10.

Freddie Starr and Mark Wright on I'm A Celebrity
Freddie Starr eats a ‘dodgy’ fermented egg in Frightening Feasts (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity trials: Frightening Feast

From sheep testicles to a live spider, the legendary eating trials are infamous for serving up the most gruesome dishes.

Unfortunately, in 2011 it came with some serious health consequences.

After devouring a fermented egg, Freddie Starr became seriously ill and was rushed to hospital for suspected food poisoning.

The risk of death was rated 2.33/10.

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