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The Cube: The Body star Andrianna Christofi ‘planning’ her own presenting segment on This Morning

Her pal Schofe could put a word in for her!

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Andrianna Christofi was unveiled as The Body on The Cube earlier this week and now she’s revealed she’s planning to work with host Phillip Schofield again.

Andrianna started out as a presenter before joining The Cube when it started in 2009.

Now she’s told Entertainment Daily in an exclusive interview that she’s “planning” on joining Cube host Phil on screen again.

On ITV’s flagship daytime TV programme This Morning, no less.

Andrianna Christofi has been revealed as The Body from The Cube (Credit: Supplied)

What did Andrianna say about working with Phil again?

She told ED!: “I’ve always been a presenter, I’ve been doing that for many, many years. I would love to do more of my presenting work. It’s my first love and it’s what I enjoy the most.”

When we suggest that perhaps Phil could put a word in for her on This Morning. Andrianna revealed it’s already in the planning.

That would be ideal. A segment on This Morning would be the perfect thing. I think we’re planning something like that, it’s in the plan.

“That would be ideal. A segment on This Morning would be the perfect thing, I would love something like that. I think it would be quite fun as well, especially now with the whole connection with The Cube,” she said.

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“Fingers crossed,” she said, before teasing: “I think we’re planning something like that, it’s in the plan, the strategy.”

Andrianna added: “I haven’t spoken to This Morning yet, this has only just blown up, it’s only just happened. So once we get everything sorted and we know how things are going and what’s happening next, then we can start.

“I’m sure that’ll probably happen in the next week or so, so fingers crossed,” she said.

Andrianna Christofi from the Cube
The star now has plans to appear alongside Phillip Schofield on This Morning (Credit: Supplied)

‘He is such a sweetheart’

Andrianna – who filmed every series other than the current one – also opened up about what it was like working alongside Phil on The Cube.

“He totally is just like what you see on TV,” she said.

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“It’s funny because I grew up watching him on various shows. When I’ve met other famous people you have your idea of how they’re going to be and he seems so lovely, but he is exactly how he seems on TV and that’s the nice thing.

“He is such a sweetheart. It was lovely to work with him, very easy,” she added.

Does she think Phillip Schofield would ever take on The Cube?

“If I was him I probably wouldn’t,” she laughed.

“I’d be like no, my position is here, I’m not going there. I am the king of this so that’s where I’m going to stay. I don’t have to play. But hey, he might want to, I don’t know.”

Andrianna also sent praise Philip’s way over the handling of his coming out, which happened live on air on This Morning.

“I thought he was very brave, it was very brave how he did it and the way he handled it. He was very open and very vulnerable and that’s a hard thing to do in the industry, to bare your soul,” she said.

“I admire him, it shows great strength.”

The Body on The Cube playing a game
Andrianna revealed it was ‘weird’ to hand the suit on to someone else as she didn’t work on the current series (Credit: Supplied)

‘I don’t have to hide it any more’

So what’s it like to finally be unveiled as The Body on The Cube? And why now?

“It’s been crazy. I’ve been through lots of different things in my life that have even crazy and manic but this just takes it to a whole new level. It’s been brilliant,” she said.

“I think it’s about time. I’ve done all of the series up to this current one so it’s good timing to do it and I can be free now and I can shout out to the world from every rooftop that I’m The Body on The Cube. I don’t have to hide it any more,” she said.

Asked how she feels about seeing someone step into her famous white suit, Andrianna revealed she feels like a “mummy” handing the baton onto her daughter.

“It is weird,” she admitted. “I feel like a mummy, like I’ve passed it on to my daughter. I don’t know her but it’s like I’ve passed the baton on.

“‘Mummy Body says if you do it like this it might look really good,'” she laughed.

Of the two new bodies, she admits: “It’s so funny. There used to be jokes where me and The Stig would have babies and I’m thinking, well maybe we had those two. Who knows!”

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